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Monthly Archives: December 2021


Motorists Narrowly Avoid Severe Injury In Wrong-Way Crash

By The Stanley Law Group |

Seatbelts save lives, but seatbelts plus defensive driving can turn what could have been a fatality crash into one with property damage only.  Not only does staying focused on the road enable you to avoid causing an accident, but it also makes it easier to get out of the way of drunk, distracted, or… Read More »

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A Passenger Can Sue A Driver For Causing Their Injuries In A Single Vehicle Accident

By The Stanley Law Group |

Car accident lawsuits are not always about the driver of one car suing the driver of another car.  For example, if the cause of the accident was a vehicle malfunction, then the manufacturer of the vehicle is legally responsible for the damage caused, and people injured in the accident have the right to seek… Read More »

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Man Accused Of Causing Collision That Killed One Twin Sister And Injured The Other Withdraws Guilty Plea

By The Stanley Law Group |

Most people who cause car accidents do not get criminal charges.  If the insurance companies determine that you are at fault, or mostly at fault, for a car accident, usually the worst consequence is that your insurance premiums increase; in some cases, you can avoid criminal charges by completing a driver education course.  If… Read More »

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How Effective Is Apple CarPlay At Reducing Distracted Driving?

By The Stanley Law Group |

Since the invention of the automobile, car manufacturers have been seeking and finding ways to make cars safer; consider that the original automobiles did not have seat belts, horns, or even steering wheels.  The ubiquity of cell phones, which eventually metamorphoses into complex handheld mobile devices of great intelligence, has presented a new set… Read More »

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Is It Medical Malpractice When A Patient Dies By Suicide?

By The Stanley Law Group |

Patients who suffer harm as the result of preventable errors have the right to seek damages by filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.  The families of patients who died after doctors’ actions caused the patient’s health to suffer an irreversible decline also have recourse to medical malpractice lawsuits.  For example, some possible reasons for medical… Read More »

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Are Cars Smart Enough To Save Drunk Drivers From Themselves?

By The Stanley Law Group |

In the 1990s, public service announcements used to encourage social drinkers to appoint a designated driver for occasions where a group of friends consumed alcohol at a bar or party.  The designated driver could have one alcoholic beverage at the beginning of the evening but then switch to non-alcoholic drinks for the rest of… Read More »

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Defendant Sentenced To Prison After Reckless Homicide Conviction For Accident That Killed York County Couple

By The Stanley Law Group |

Many parents feel a sense of trepidation when their child walks out of the DMV with an unrestricted drivers’ license, especially if the teen has a history of risk-taking behavior.  The lack of driving experience of young drivers combined with the thrill-seeking tendencies of some teens creates a perfect storm for catastrophic traffic accidents. … Read More »

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Injectable Therapy Shows Promise For Tissue Repair After Severe Spinal Cord Injury

By The Stanley Law Group |

Spinal cord injuries are truly life-changing, even if they do not result in complete paralysis of the areas of the body below the site of the injury.  People who suffer these kinds of injuries require supportive treatment for the rest of their lives, and three out of ten patients require at least one hospitalization… Read More »

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