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Columbia Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one is the victim of a pedestrian collision, you need to contact an attorney to hold the careless or reckless driver responsible. In all too many cases, faulty police reports and biased traffic courts let irresponsible drivers off the hook, and go so far as to blame the victim. After all, America’s culture is based heavily around cars, and cars rule in the minds and hearts of most people. The Columbia pedestrian accident lawyers at The Stanley Law Group aggressively pursue financial compensation for our injured clients, and fight to ensure that the liable party pays every penny that is owed.

Why are Pedestrian Fatality Rates Skyrocketing?

Cities are dominated by and designed primarily for motor vehicles. Sadly, what little room for people still left comes in the form of narrow, and often cracked and cluttered, sidewalks. Pedestrians are left to take their chances at crosswalks, which are too few and far between to make walking a fast or efficient form of transportation, where distracted and impatient drivers are held off by nothing more than a red light and a little some white paint on the pavement. Distracted driving is at an all-time high, and while SUVs and larger and larger pickups and cars keep the occupants of those vehicles safer, larger vehicle size only increases the likelihood that pedestrians will be catastrophically injured, or killed. Additionally, speed limits are being increased all around the country, and police enforcement of traffic laws is declining, according to Time Money. All of this adds up to a very disturbing statistic: 6,227 people were killed in 2017 while walking, according to Market Watch, an increase of 51 percent in just seven years. Pedestrian fatalities now make up 16 percent of all traffic deaths, despite walking trips making up just a fraction of the time that Americans spend during transportation.

Causes of Car Vs. Pedestrian Collisions

  • Drunk driving;
  • Texting while driving;
  • Talking on the phone while driving;
  • Other forms of distracted driving;
  • Speeding;
  • Reckless driving;
  • Falling asleep at the wheel or drowsy driving;
  • Aggressive driving; and
  • Intentionally harassing, coming too close, or attempting to hit a pedestrian.

How Pedestrian Collisions Happen

  • Driver accelerates through an intersection to “beat” a yellow light that has turned red;
  • Driver is not paying attention to the crosswalk while making a left turn through an intersection;
  • Speeding driver cannot slow down fast enough for a pedestrian with right of way;
  • Driver fails to look over their shoulder or at the curb as they make a right turn;
  • Driver is looking down at their phone while texting or searching for directions or music, and:
    • Veers out of their lane of traffic and onto the shoulder of the road or sidewalk;
    • Blows through an intersection, stop light, or stop sign during which the pedestrian had the right of way; or
    • Starts from a stop during a red light and hits a pedestrian crossing in front of their vehicle.

A Pedestrian Accident Attorney Can Help You Get Back to Your Normal Life

If you were injured by a negligent driver, our Columbia lawyers can help you seek financial justice. Reach out to the pedestrian collision attorneys at The Stanley Law Group today by calling 803-799-4700 to schedule a free consultation.

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