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Columbia Tire Defect Lawyer

We often don’t think much about our cars on a daily basis. We just get in them and drive to work, appointments, and errands. However, accidents can happen when we least expect them. And some of these accidents can happen even without getting into a crash.

Your car parts can become defective at any time, which is a scary realization. It’s especially scary when your tires explode. Your tires are your vehicle’s point of contact with the road surface, so they have a huge responsibility in keeping you safe while you travel. When a tire has a defect, it can become unsafe quickly. A defective tire can lose air pressure without warning. In serious cases, the tread can separate from the rest of the tire, causing loss of vehicle control or a major accident.

If you have been affected, you need someone on your side to help you with the legal aspects. The Stanley Law Group can help you get the best results, so contact a Columbia tire defect lawyer to help you with your claim.

Common Defects

Here are some common tire defects to be aware of:

  • Design defects. Many design defects involve belts that are too small or too large. Other design issues can lead to blowouts and other serious issues.

  • Manufacturing defects. Making a safe and effective tire involves adhering steel to rubber. This requires that the bonding agents, rubber compounds, and metal meet certain exact standards. This is important, as poor bonding can lead to a tread separation, especially in warm weather and at highway speeds.

  • Sidewall zipper failures. When tires are inflated, the sidewall zipper can fail. A weak and defective sidewall can cause this type of failure.

  • Bead fracture. When the rubber-coated steel bead of a tire breaks, it can lead to a bead fracture. This usually happens when the bead gets stuck on the rim during mounting. This can cause a fatal explosion.

  • Most blowouts are actually tread separations, as it’s not very common for a modern radial tire to experience a true blowout. Blowouts occur when a tire pops, typically due to a weak spot in the rubber sidewall, This is often caused by high internal pressure.

  • Wheel explosions. The air pressure in the tire actually holds a car’s wheels together, so it’s important for the pressure to remain steady to keep all the pieces in place. Because of this, issues can occur when removing, repairing, or mounting these wheels. Any issues with tire pressure can cause pieces of the wheel to fly apart, which can lead to accidents and serious injuries.

Contact The Stanley Law Group Today

As drivers, we expect the tires on our cars and trucks to work as intended. When they are defective, they can cause fatal accidents.

The Stanley Law Group can help you understand your legal options. Get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Schedule a free consultation today. Contact our Columbia tire defect lawyers by filling out the online form or calling at (803) 799-4700.

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