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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Columbia Texting & Driving Accident Lawyer

Columbia Texting & Driving Accident Lawyer

Texting is one of the major distractions for drivers today. Sending a text easily causes more distraction than probably any other activity. Not only does a driver remove a hand from the wheel, they also aren’t looking at the road as they compose or read a text. Unsurprisingly, hundreds of people are injured due to this behavior. Distracted drivers crash into other cars or possibly even pedestrians crossing a road when a signal tells them to. The results are serious injuries and steep financial losses. Call The Stanley Law Group today if you were injured in a motor vehicle collision. One of our Columbia texting & driving accident lawyers can analyze your ability to sue.

Just How Dangerous is Texting & Driving?

In many ways, texting is more dangerous than driving drunk. A study from Car and Driver magazine compared reaction times for drivers who were intoxicated and those who had used a cell phone. The study found that the reaction times for drunk drivers were actually better for drunk drivers! In fact, texting caused serious delays in the ability to stomp on the brakes.

Texting causes multiple impairments:

  1. Impaired coordination. With at least one hand off the wheel, it’s harder to make a sudden turn to avoid an accident. Some drivers even remove both hands to text!
  2. Distracted vision. A person reading a text is certainly not looking at the road. They will never see a pedestrian crossing or another vehicle pulling out of a parking lot up ahead. They might not even see the intersection, so they drive straight into another vehicle.
  3. Cognitive impairment. Perhaps the most dangerous impairment is mental. Even if you finish reading a text, you’re still thinking about it. This type of impairment can reduce a person’s ability to drive effectively.

South Carolina prohibits texting and driving. Our law makes it unlawful to use any wireless electronic communication device while operating a vehicle on the public roads. If caught, you can be fined $25 per violation. It’s not the most serious penalty, but it’s a start.

Our clients suffer many serious injuries in a crash, including back injuries, concussions, whiplash, and more. You should quickly call our firm to discuss the accident, including your concerns the other driver was texting. We can investigate and even check if the driver was on the phone in the seconds before the collision. We might ask for copies of their cell phone records to check.

What happens if you were texting, too? It’s tempting to reach for a phone. Legally, you can still seek financial compensation provided you were not more to blame than the other motorist.

Give Us a Call—Our Consultations Are Free

The Stanley Law Group believes in promoting public safety. We can bring a case against any distracted driver for crashing into you. If successful, you can obtain money for car repairs, medical bills, and lost income. You should also receive money damages for your pain and mental injuries. Contact us to schedule a meeting with a Columbia texting & driving accident lawyer.

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