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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Columbia Speeding Accident Lawyer

Columbia Speeding Accident Lawyer

Speeding is one of the most serious causes of car accidents. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, more than 12,000 people were killed by speeding in 2022. Many more were seriously hurt when a speeding motorist crashed into them. When motorists drive too fast, the risk of an accident increases, and injuries tend to be more severe. Give The Stanley law Group a call after a collision. Our team of Columbia speeding accident lawyers will step in to review your legal rights and duties. If hired, we can begin negotiating a settlement with the speeding motorist for your damages.

Speeding Injuries

The faster a car is going, the less time a driver has to come to a stop or avoid a collision. Most people have driven over the speed limit at one time or another. But extremely high speeds are usually attributable to:

  • Drunk driving—an intoxicated motorist might have no idea how fast they are going and not care. They are also prone to running a red light or hitting a pedestrian.
  • Drug use—some drugs lead to risk taking, and an impaired motorist might fail to stop after crashing into someone.
  • Distraction—a motorist who is focused on something else, like their phone, might not realize how fast they are going until it is much too late.
  • Car defects, such as malfunctioning brakes—a car going downhill could pick up tremendous speed and be unable to slow down due to a defect.

A fast-moving car can smash into another vehicle in its way, resulting in horrible injuries. At The Stanley Law Group, we have worked with clients to seek financial compensation after a crash. Speeding motorists cause bodily pain and financial stress. We stand up for your rights.

Our team has helped those struggling with:

  • Head and neck injuries—whiplash, traumatic brain injuries, vertebral fracture, herniated disc, brain hemorrhage, and skull fractures.
  • Facial injuries—even the presence of airbags can’t entirely prevent serious facial injuries, such as facial fractures, eye injuries, blindness, and lacerations.
  • Chest injuries—collapsed lung, heart contusion, fractured rib, and more.
  • Back injuries—bulging disc, narrowing of the spinal column, spinal cord injuries, and paralysis.
  • Multiple fractures—including compound fractures, rib fracture, and all types of complications.

Our lawyers will identify who is at fault. As mentioned above, dangerous or distracted motorists cause many speeding collisions. But a car mechanic or a different party might be to blame. We can review the relevant evidence to establish fault.

Speak with a Qualified Attorney about Your Case

Speeding is against the law, and there is no excuse for it. Motorists who drive too fast should pay financial compensation to anyone they crash into and send to the hospital. For more details about whether you can sue, call The Stanley Law Group. You can meet with a Columbia speeding accident lawyer at our firm to discuss the process for seeking accountability. We can seek financial compensation for all economic and non-economic losses, including punitive damage where appropriate.

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