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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Columbia Red Light Accident Lawyer

Columbia Red Light Accident Lawyer

Traffic lights ensure the orderly passage of traffic through an intersection. Without lights, motorists would need to wave each other through and run the risk of getting hit by an impatient driver. Traffic lights are one of the great modern inventions in traffic safety.

At The Stanley Law Group, we represent motorists who are hurt in traffic accidents. We can seek financial compensation to reimburse economic losses and cover pain and suffering. These settlements benefit you, the victim, by relieving financial stress. But they also benefit the public by holding negligent drivers to account. Speak with a Columbia red light accident lawyer today about your injuries. Our firm is happy to represent clients injured in any type of intersection accident.

Types of Red Light Accidents

When a motorist runs a red light, they can get into all types of accidents:

  • T-bones. This accident occurs when a car smashes into the side of another vehicle, usually the vehicle which had a green light. Also called “side impact collisions,” they can cause serious injuries.
  • Rear end collisions. A driver running a red light is at risk of smashing into the rear of a car up ahead, usually because they are going too fast. This type of accident can lead to whiplash, concussions, and similar injuries.
  • A speeding motorist could sideswipe another car, especially one that is making a right or left hand turn on a green light. There is a risk of one car being thrown off the road.
  • A driver might jerk their wheel to avoid a motorist racing through a red light. In doing so, their vehicle rolls onto the side, injuring all occupants.
  • Pedestrian accidents. Motorists who run a red light could crash into pedestrians who are crossing at the intersection. These accidents also occur when a driver “rolls through” without coming to a complete stop.

These accidents are the fault of the driver who failed to stop with a red light. This is a clear violation of the law and not something a careful motorist would do.

Sometimes a dispute arises over whether the light was red. We’ve heard some drivers claim their red light was actually green or at least yellow. We can find evidence to show you had the green light, not the person who hit you.

Helpfully, you should stop after the crash to talk with any witnesses who saw what happened. They can testify that your light was green and/or the other driver’s light was red. You can also offer this testimony, but an insurance claims adjuster might think your story is self-serving. The more people backing up your version of events, the better.

Need Help? Call The Stanley Law Group

Many intersection accidents are a blur, and injured victims have no idea what just happened. This is why it’s a great idea to call an experienced Columbia red light accident lawyer. An attorney at The Stanley Law Group can talk to witnesses and search for other evidence. The crash might have been captured on surveillance camera. Give us a call to schedule your free consultation.

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