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Who Is Legally Responsible For Alligator Attacks In South Carolina?

By The Stanley Law Group |

Alligator attacks are rare in South Carolina, but it seems that, in the past few years, the gators have become more aggressive.  The American alligator is much less aggressive toward humans than some other large crocodilian species, such as the Nile crocodile or saltwater crocodile, and besides, Florida, not South Carolina, is the state… Read More »

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Teen Suffers Stroke And Seizure After Living In Moldy, Overheated House

By The Stanley Law Group |

You can sue the owner of a property for negligence if you suffer a preventable injury while using the premises for the purpose for which it was intended.  Many premises liability lawsuits are from people who slipped and fell or tripped and fell while visiting a store or restaurant or while engaging Insafe recreational… Read More »

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Who Is Legally Responsible If You Get Injured At An Airbnb?

By The Stanley Law Group |

Going on a vacation to South Carolina is a great idea at any time of year, but some people are understandably wary of staying in hotels these days, given that the newest variants of COVID-19 are so transmissible, even to vaccinated people.  Vacation rentals are seeming more and more attractive, given how affordable they… Read More »

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Man Sues Myrtle Beach Hotel Over Bed Bug Bites

By The Stanley Law Group |

South Carolina is a fabulous place to visit, but you would not know it from this summer’s news headlines.  Yes, everyone’s travel plans were the result of whether cabin fever outweighed the fear of being exposed to COVID-19, but that is true everywhere, not just in South Carolina.  Here in South Carolina, the lakes… Read More »

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Is It Premises Liability If An Unlicensed Tattoo Artists Tattoos A Teen In A McDonald’s?

By The Stanley Law Group |

Places of business have a legal duty to keep business invitees safe.  If a customer at a restaurant or other place of business gets injured because of the owners’ and managers’ lack of caution in keeping the place free of dangers, then the customer can sue the business for premises liability.  Many premises liability… Read More »

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Excessive Heat And Premises Liability At Outdoor Events

By The Stanley Law Group |

Even though other parts of the country have gotten it even worse, 2021 has been one of the hottest summers on record in South Carolina.  Under other circumstances, the unusually hot weather might make people stay indoors, but not this year.  Last summer, legal restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic led to the cancellation… Read More »

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The Perils Of Lake Swimming In South Carolina

By The Stanley Law Group |

South Carolina boasts some lovely destinations for beach vacations, but fun is to be had in equal measure on the lakes and rivers found throughout the state.  If you are planning on swimming, boating, or fishing in South Carolina’s freshwater rivers and lakes, be sure to follow safety guidance and exercise caution.  If you… Read More »

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