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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Columbia Drunk Driver Accident Lawyer

Columbia Drunk Driver Accident Lawyer

Nothing is more outrageous than someone who gets into a car to drive after having too many drinks. This person is risking the life of everyone else on the road. There’s a reason South Carolina makes drunk driving a crime. Intoxicated motorists end up causing thousands of accidents each year, and they send countless people to the emergency room. Even those who survive an accident are left with huge medical expenses and lost work opportunities. Call The Stanley Law Group today if you were injured in a collision with a drunk or high motorist. A Columbia drunk driver accident lawyer can discuss how to seek financial compensation.

Accident Claims Involving Drunk Drivers

Although drunk driving is a crime, it’s also a civil tort in South Carolina. Anyone hurt should consider filing a tort claim for compensation. Let the state decide whether to press criminal charges. As the injured victim in a car accident, you always have the right to decide for yourself whether to seek money damages.

Drunk driving accidents leave people worse off:

  • You have medical bills to treat your injuries. Car wrecks cause fractures, neck injuries, concussions, sprains, and other injuries which require medical care. Make the drunk driver pay!
  • Your car is probably damaged. We can demand that a drunk driver pay for the repairs. If your car is totaled, they should buy another car for you.
  • You probably are in so much pain that you can’t work. Time away from work results in lost income and wages. You shouldn’t suffer this financial stress.
  • Accidents result in painful bodily injuries. South Carolina lets victims demand compensation for their pain and bodily suffering, along with mental or emotional distress.

We can submit a claim on the driver’s insurance, which should cover all accidents. In other cases, we might file a lawsuit against the defendant. We can seek punitive damages against the drunk driver to punish them.

Let us review the facts and find evidence to prove intoxication. If an officer came to the scene, we might ask to see the breath or urine test results. We can submit these results as part of our claim to prove the driver was at fault for your injuries.

In some cases, you can also bring a lawsuit against a bar, tavern or other establishment for overserving the driver. This is called a “dram shop” claim. South Carolina is one of the states that allows anyone hurt by a drunk driver to sue a commercial business for the accident. Adding a bar or tavern as a defendant makes sense. It improves your odds of receiving fair compensation, and they should be liable for their role in your wreck.

Hold Drunk Drivers Accountable

Call The Stanley Law Group today. Our firm can represent your interests in any settlement negotiations, and we can handle a lawsuit from start to finish. Our Columbia drunk driving accident lawyers are available to answer your questions and get started on your case right away. Do not hesitate to call. We don’t charge for our services unless we win your case.

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