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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Columbia Cement Truck Accident Lawyer

Columbia Cement Truck Accident Lawyer

Cement trucks are large, heavy vehicles which we see pulling into construction sites or racing down the highway any day of the week. These trucks consist of a cab and a large drum in the back where cement is mixed with water, forming concrete, which pours out of the back of the truck. These are large, impressive vehicles—and dangerous.

If you were injured in a collision with a cement truck, you might have a legal claim for compensation. Speak with The Stanley Law Group today. There are critical deadlines to meet. A Columbia cement truck accident lawyer can review your case to determine the strength of your claim.

Who is Responsible for Your Cement Truck Accident?

Our clients are often struck by a cement truck while driving. An important question we must answer is, “Who is to blame?” Once we identify the correct party, we can then bring a claim for compensation.

Some common defendants include:

  • A truck driver might be inexperienced or take dangerous risks behind the wheel. A trucker could speed, tailgate, make illegal turns, or drive while distracted. Fatigue is also a risk, as truckers are under tight deadlines and might work too long.
  • Trucking companies. The owner of the vehicle could be at fault if the truck has a defect. A defect might result in an accidental spill, spewing concrete all over a worker. Other parts like bolts and bearings could be worn or defective, as could the hydraulic system. Any defect can make operating the truck dangerous, and some might tip over and crush nearby vehicles. Trucking companies must service their vehicles regularly and ensure they are in good working order.
  • A mechanic could perform their job poorly and fail to identify worn out parts, or they could make repairs in a sloppy fashion. A mechanic is at fault when their negligence results in a foreseeable accident.

Our clients suffer terrifying injuries in a crash. Cement trucks are heavy. Occupants might suffer devastating back injuries, concussions, or paralysis. Crush injuries are also common, especially if a cement truck tips over.

Please call our legal team quickly. We can help you document your injuries to prove damages. A lawyer assigned to your case can also negotiate a claim with the trucking company for medical care, pain, disability, lost wages or income, and future losses. Trucking companies should carry liability insurance to cover these types of accidents, but insurers often play hardball.

Speak with a Cement Truck Accident Lawyer Today

Accidents involving commercial vehicles are different from accidents where two cars collide. Contact The Stanley Law Group to discuss some of the differences. For example, you might struggle to get a trucking company to offer fair compensation because your injuries are so severe. The cement company might also have evidence they don’t want to turn over.

Give us a call. A Columbia cement truck accident lawyer can step up to represent you in settlement negotiations. Where necessary, we can also file a lawsuit before the statutory deadline.

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