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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Columbia Lyft Accident Lawyer

Columbia Lyft Accident Lawyer

Many Columbia residents and visitors enjoy the convenience offered by Lyft. The company’s rideshare app connects people who drive their cars as independent contractors with those needing a ride. Using an app, people can request a vehicle and even pay for the ride without the need for cash.

Like other motor vehicles, Lyfts get into all sorts of accidents, and passengers and other motorists can be badly hurt. Contact The Stanley Law Group if you’d like to discuss your accident. We have years of experience bringing car accident claims, including those involving rideshare vehicles. A Columbia Lyft accident lawyer can discuss your right to seek compensation in a private consultation.

Car Insurance & Your Lyft Accident

Many of our clients are passengers in Lyfts which were involved in a crash, while others were driving their own vehicles when a Lyft smashed into them. Untangling which insurance policy applies is necessary before you can make a claim for compensation.

As a Lyft passenger, you will submit a claim on the insurance of the driver at fault. That might be your Lyft driver, or it could be a different motorist on the road. Fault matters. You can’t force someone to pay your medical bills or lost wages if they weren’t at least partially at fault for a collision.

If you were driving another vehicle, then you can sue the Lyft driver if they are at fault. For this reason, fully document the accident—take pictures, talk to witnesses, and report the wreck to the police. South Carolina recognizes contributory negligence. Someone who is 51% or more at fault cannot receive any compensation. Allocating negligence could be an issue in your case.

Lyft requires that its drivers carry insurance, which kicks in when the driver is logged into the app. If not, then only the driver’s personal insurance comes into play.

Lyft’s insurance is generous. When a driver is logged in, then $50,000 per person in bodily injury liability coverage is available, up to $100,000 if two or more people are hurt. When the driver has actually accepted a ride, then up to $1 million in insurance is available to cover damages.

These limits are much higher than the personal insurance most South Carolina drivers have. If you are a Lyft passenger, then $1 million should be available if your driver is at fault for the accident. Many drivers are speeding or tailgating, or else they are distracted.

Lyft’s insurance can even kick in if a different motorist is to blame but has inadequate insurance. As a Lyft passenger, you can submit uncompensated claims to Lyft.

Accident Lawyers You Can Trust

Obtaining a settlement from Lyft is easier said than done. Although they have insurance, the claims adjusters are not eager to pay any money. You will need solid evidence of fault, as well as proof of how your injuries have impacted your life.

You will also need a seasoned legal advocate to advance your case. Contact us today to speak with a Columbia Lyft accident lawyer at our firm.

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