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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Columbia Uber Accident Lawyer

Columbia Uber Accident Lawyer

Uber has a strong presence in Columbia. They were a major innovator in public transportation in the Twenty First Century. Anyone who owns a car can apply with Uber to drive for them as an independent contractor. They will accept rides using the app, and consumers can request and pay for their ride using their phones. Uber is a revolutionary technology which is here to say.

Nonetheless, Ubers get into all sorts of accidents, like ordinary taxi cabs. Uber accidents happen for many reasons: driver distraction or fatigue, speeding, or unsafe maneuvers. If you were injured, call The Stanley Law Group today. A Columbia Uber accident lawyer will meet with you for a free consultation. Our goal is to help you identify fault and whether you can request financial compensation.

Steps to Take after an Uber Accident

Getting into an accident is disorientating. Many victims suffer terrible injuries which leave them doubled over in pain. However, victims can immediately improve the strength of a legal claim by doing as many of these steps as possible:

  1. Report the accident to the police. You might assume the Uber driver will call, but they might have an incentive to avoid reporting. You should use your phone to call and report the accident.
  2. Get pictures of the vehicles involved, including where they ended up. This photographic evidence is useful for figuring out what happened.
  3. Obtain personal and insurance information from all drivers. Even if you are a passenger, you’ll need to make an insurance claim if you were hurt. Your Uber driver could be to blame, or a different motorist could have liability. Get insurance details for all drivers.
  4. Speak with accident witnesses. They can help us all understand how the accident unfolded and who is to blame.
  5. Go to the hospital for treatment. Most car accident injuries are immediately apparent, but some small aches and pains could worsen in the ensuing days to become painful injuries. Early treatment helps save lives and improve the odds of a full recovery.
  6. Avoid giving a recorded statement to anyone, even to Uber’s insurer. You should wait until you hire an attorney.
  7. Stick to your treatment plan. This shows you are doing everything reasonable to get better. If you stop, then the defendant might blame you for ongoing pain and distress.
  8. Hang onto medical records and other financial information related to the wreck. You might be unable to work due to bodily pain. You want to document your losses.

These are basic steps we recommend after any collision, big or small.

Call Us after an Accident

There is a lot to do after an accident, and receiving fair compensation is never guaranteed. At The Stanley Law Group, our lawyers can carefully analyze evidence to determine whether you have a strong legal claim. Unfortunately, no one has your best interests at heart—not Uber and not your driver. Only your attorney represents you, so hire us today. Please schedule a free consultation with a Columbia Uber accident lawyer at our law firm.

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