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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Columbia Unsecured Cargo Truck Accident Lawyer

Columbia Unsecured Cargo Truck Accident Lawyer

Trucks haul freight around the country and make deliveries into Columbia every day of the week. Large trucks move produce, electronics, building materials, and furniture into town. Large trucks like tractor-trailers can haul several tons at a time, making this method of transportation efficient.

Because cargo is so heavy, however, it must be secured properly for the duration of the haul. Any sudden shift can lead to a devastating accident. If you were injured in a truck collision, call The Stanley Law Group. Our team of dedicated accident lawyers can review the facts, investigate, and decide if unsecured cargo contributed to your incident. Call us today to speak with a Columbia unsecured cargo truck accident lawyer.

Why Cargo Shifts Are So Dangerous

Cargo should be secured in all sorts of trucks, including tractor trailers, flatbed trucks, and delivery vans. Most cargo is loaded and tied into place with chains or load binders. Unfortunately, these items might break for various reasons, including being too old or defective. Other straps break because the cargo wasn’t loaded properly and too much force is applied.

When cargo shifts, the truck’s center of gravity also shifts. This shift can lead to:

  • Tip-overs or rollovers. A truck could tip onto its side when the cargo shifts suddenly, crushing anyone standing near the vehicle. The driver can also suffer serious injury in this type of accident.
  • A tractor-trailer can fold into itself, which is a jackknife accident. The trailer can smash into vehicles nearby.
  • The cargo could spill off the truck and smash into vehicles or pedestrians nearby. Imagine logs rolling off a truck or gravel accidentally spilling into the road.
  • Rear end collisions. Shifting cargo can alter the amount of time a vehicle needs to stop. A trucker might miscalculate and end up crashing into cars in front of him.
  • Call our firm. We can investigate to uncover who or what is responsible for the unsecured cargo accident:
  • A trucker must undertake a pre-trip inspection and ensure the cargo is balanced and secure. If the trucker cuts corners, or doesn’t know what he’s doing, then the truck could crash.
  • Loading company or dock workers. Whoever loaded the truck might have failed to adequately secure the cargo.
  • Trucking company. The truck company could have failed to swap out defective equipment, like old binders or chains. The company might also have failed to train their truck drivers properly to perform inspections.
  • The manufacturer of a defective binder or other equipment could be on the hook for an unsecured cargo accident in Columbia.

We need time to investigate and sift through the evidence, so please reach out when you can. The cargo could be offloaded soon after the crash, or the truck might get pulled from service.

Schedule a Consultation after an Accident

If you call, a Columbia unsecured cargo truck accident lawyer at our firm will meet to review your case and provide an assessment of your chances of success. Please don’t delay.

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