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Monthly Archives: March 2022


One Of Four Occupants Of Car In Single-Vehicle Crash Dies

By The Stanley Law Group |

Car accident lawsuits and insurance claims related to traffic collisions do not involve the driver or passenger of the struck vehicle suing the driver of the car that caused the crash.  If you were a passenger in the car that caused the accident, you have the right to seek damages from the driver of… Read More »

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Driver Faces Criminal Charges After Wrong Way Collision That Killed Four People

By The Stanley Law Group |

It is possible for car accidents to cause serious injury no matter the direction and angle at which the vehicles collide.  Whether one vehicle sideswipes or rear ends another or if it is a T-bone collision, the injuries are usually more severe for the occupants of the struck vehicle than in the striking vehicle. … Read More »

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Florida Couple Sues Myrtle Beach Hotel For Bed Bug Infestation

By The Stanley Law Group |

Read any discussion thread by people who have worked cleaning hotel rooms, and you will find an array of stories about the sights in the rooms that they have learned to ignore.  Priceless jewelry is just another item to move out of the way when cleaning and then put back where you found it. … Read More »

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Driver Remains In Jail After Johns Island DUI Crash That Caused One Death And Seven Injuries

By The Stanley Law Group |

It may sound like a platitude that, when someone drives drunk, everyone loses, but from a financial standpoint, it is true.  If you get injured when a drunk driver hits you, your medical bills and lost productivity as a result of your injuries can have a major impact on the financial stability of your… Read More »

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Family Sues South Carolina Petting Zoo After Sloth Bites Child

By The Stanley Law Group |

Nearly two decades have passed since the first Ice Age film debuted in theaters, but the image of the friendly sloth remains in the popular imagination; sloth plush toys still appear under Christmas trees, and cartoon sloths adorn children’s clothing.  Sloths are adorable, but they do not share your enthusiasm for cuddles.  They digest… Read More »

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What To Do If You Get Injured In An Accident At A Supermarket

By The Stanley Law Group |

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on lots of people’s social lives for the past two years, so you might find yourself complaining to your friends on video chat that you never go anywhere, but chances are that you have made quite a few trips to the supermarket.  Unless you are a true… Read More »

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Safety Tips For Nighttime Motorcycle Riding

By The Stanley Law Group |

Riding a motorcycle does not inherently carry a greater risk of getting into an accident than driving a car; every licensed motorcycle rider in South Carolina has demonstrated their ability to ride a motorcycle safely.  The trouble with motorcycles is that, because of their structure, they offer little protection in the event of an… Read More »

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Is It Negligence If You Let A Teenager Drive A Golf Cart In South Carolina?

By The Stanley Law Group |

The next time you are stuck in traffic or a rude driver causes you to miss a green light and you feel road rage flooding into your bloodstream, think back to the wonder and exhilaration you felt when you first got behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.  Your first solo drive after getting… Read More »

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