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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Motorcycle Accident > Motorcycle Collides With Car After U-Turn In Greenwood County

Motorcycle Collides With Car After U-Turn In Greenwood County


Conventional wisdom has it that, no matter the angle of collision, the occupants of the struck vehicle have a greater risk of death or serious injury than the occupants of the striking vehicle.  This applies to T-bone collisions, as well as frontal impact of rear-end collisions.  Of course, this is only one factor that affects the risk of catastrophic injury; the vehicles involved matter, too.  If you are inside a passenger vehicle and protected by seatbelts and airbags, you will fare better than if you are riding seatbelt-less in a convertible with the top down, for example.  This means that, when a car and a motorcycle collide, the outcome is almost always worse for the motorcyclist, regardless of the angle of collision and the speed that the vehicles were traveling.  If you have suffered severe injuries when your motorcycle struck a car, contact a Columbia motorcycle accident lawyer.

Motorcyclist Dies After Collision With Car

One Friday night in May 2024, Stanley Marion Bell was riding his motorcycle on SC 246 East, near Coronaca.  Bell’s bike was a Harley Davidson, known to be the strongest of motorcycles, and since it had been roadworthy since 2003, it had proven its longevity.  Even the strongest motorcycle is no match for a passenger car, though, not even a modestly sized one.

Ahead of Bell’s bike in the eastbound lanes, a 2005 Honda Accord was making a U-turn ahead of Bell.  The driver did not properly judge how close Bell was, and Bell was unable to avoid colliding with the Honda.  Bell died from injuries sustained in the accident.  He was 56 years old.  The driver of the Honda, whom news sources did not identify, was not injured seriously enough to require hospitalization.  As of May 11, the accident was still under investigation, so it is not known whether alcohol or drugs played a role or whether the driver of the Honda will face criminal charges in connection to the investigation.

What Makes U-Turns So Dangerous?

Improper turns are the cause of many accidents.  Since the vehicles going straight in the lane have the right of way, insurance companies usually sign the majority of the fault for these accidents to the driver who did not time the turn properly.  It is difficult enough to make a right turn at a red light or a right or left turn at a stop sign when the traffic is heavy, but U-turns are the most challenging of all.  The vehicles that could hit you when you turn are even harder to see, and thus far, autonomous vehicle technology does not have a way to alert you to them.  Therefore, traffic laws only allow U-turns in certain places, where the risk of collision is relatively low.

Let Us Help You Today

The lawyers at the Stanley Law Group can help you if you have suffered a serious injury in a traffic accident involving a U-turn.  Contact The Stanley Law Group in Columbia, South Carolina or call (803)799-4700 for a free initial consultation.



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