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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Premises Liability > Man Sues Myrtle Beach Hotel Over Bed Bug Bites

Man Sues Myrtle Beach Hotel Over Bed Bug Bites


South Carolina is a fabulous place to visit, but you would not know it from this summer’s news headlines.  Yes, everyone’s travel plans were the result of whether cabin fever outweighed the fear of being exposed to COVID-19, but that is true everywhere, not just in South Carolina.  Here in South Carolina, the lakes are verdant with algae blooms, and the alligators are getting audacious.  Now a South Carolina hotel is faced with a lawsuit after bed bugs feasted on a family of tourists from out of state.  To be fair, bed bugs are not exclusive to South Carolina, but because of the ubiquity of the insects, most people think of bed bugs as one of the routine annoyances of travel, something that warrants a one-star review and a few angry phone calls, not a lawsuit.  How bad do the bed bug bites have to be for someone to sue for premises liability?  If the fly in the ointment on your vacation to South Carolina was icky enough that it caused you to require medical treatment (which isn’t cheap, by the way), contact a South Carolina premises liability lawyer.

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite, Unless You Are Willing to Pay Up

Unlike mosquitoes, bed bugs do not cause malaria, dengue fever, St. Louis encephalitis, or any of those other horrible mosquito-borne diseases.  Unlike ticks, they do not cause Lyme disease.  Bed bug bites cause itchy lesions, similar to any other kind of insect bite, but they inspire such disgust and horror that some people require medical treatment to manage their anxiety after the trauma of a bedbug infestation.  Maybe it is because they lurk in beds, having followed you home while clinging to the same of your suitcase.  They bite you where you think you are safe.  Worst of all, you can tell which bed bug bit you, because you can see your blood in its stomach through its translucent body.

Michael Campbell and his family found the bed bug infestation experience so traumatic that they decided to sue the hotel where the bed bugs awaited them.  When Campbell and his family visited Myrtle Beach, they stayed in the Patricia Grand by Vacasa.  By the third night, all the family members had gotten bitten by bed bugs that were living in the hotel mattresses.  As often happens with bed bug infestations, bed bugs followed the family back home to Guernsey County, Ohio.  Campbell is suing the hotel and its parent companies for premises liability for failing to treat its bed bug infestation; he is seeking economic damages for medical and psychiatric bills and expenses related to ridding his own property of bed bugs, plus non-economic damages.

Let Us Help You Today

A Columbia premises liability lawyer can help you recover damages if the conditions of your hotel where you stayed during your visit to South Carolina caused you injuries and financial losses.  Contact The Stanley Law Group for more information.



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