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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Premises Liability > Is It Premises Liability If An Unlicensed Tattoo Artists Tattoos A Teen In A McDonald’s?

Is It Premises Liability If An Unlicensed Tattoo Artists Tattoos A Teen In A McDonald’s?


Places of business have a legal duty to keep business invitees safe.  If a customer at a restaurant or other place of business gets injured because of the owners’ and managers’ lack of caution in keeping the place free of dangers, then the customer can sue the business for premises liability.  Many premises liability lawsuits arise from slip-and-fall accidents.  In these lawsuits, the plaintiff argues that the floor was slippery because of a drink spill or because it had recently been mopped.  The defendant’s negligence lies in the fact that store employees should have noticed the spill promptly and cleaned it or should have placed a “wet floor” sign on a recently mopped area of the store.  Premises liability lawsuits any kind of unsafe activity at the place of business, though, from foodborne illnesses to car accidents in a poorly designed or poorly maintained parking lot.  If you were injured because of unsafe conditions at a place of business, contact a South Carolina premises liability lawyer.

Man Tattoos Minor in McDonald’s in Plain Sight of Employees and Police

On August 10, Brandon Presha of Laurens was arrested on charges of illegal tattooing and tattooing a person under age 18; his bail has been set at $25,000.  The previous week, images appeared on social media of an incident that took place at the Fleming Street McDonald’s.  The McDonald’s, which had recently reopened after being remodeled under new ownership, has a front dining area in view of the cash registers.  The images show Presha, 28, sitting at a table in the dining area with a teenager, who appears to be under 18, and inking a tattoo on the teen’s arm.  Also visible in the images are several police officers who were waiting in line to place an order.  Whoever posted the images did so to show that none of the employees and none of the cops at the McDonald’s seemed to notice what was going on.  Presha is not a licensed tattoo artist, but even if he were licensed, and even if the teen were of legal age to get a tattoo, a McDonald’s is not a safe or legal place for a tattoo artist to operate.

While the social media post was meant as an “odd news” item about incompetence by law enforcement, and while it led to Presha’s arrest, what about legal remedies for the teen or their parents?  If the teen suffers medical complications, such as an infection, because of the tattoo, who is legally responsible? The teen’s parents may have a case against McDonald’s or the owners of the Fleming Street franchise location.  The owners of the McDonald’s restaurant issued a statement saying that they are committed to the safety of guests, but did not give any further comments.

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