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Monthly Archives: July 2022


Back-Up Cameras And Your Car Accident Claim

By The Stanley Law Group |

Since 2018, federal law has required all new cars to be equipped with rear-facing cameras, and before then, they were an optional upgrade feature on many vehicles.  Some drivers of older vehicles choose to install rear-facing cameras to cars that did not have these cameras when the owners bought them.  After-market rear-facing cameras are… Read More »

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South Carolina Officials Warn Against Driving Golf Carts At Night

By The Stanley Law Group |

Of all the sports that one might play on a summer vacation, most of them are better suited to the daylight hours.  From soccer, baseball, and basketball, to paintball, beach volleyball, and swimming, all of these fun activities are only fun if you can see where you are going.  Golf is just one of… Read More »

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Behavioral Changes After Traumatic Brain Injury

By The Stanley Law Group |

Phineas Gage has been called the world’s most famous neurosurgery patient.  In 1848, while at work building a railroad in Vermont, he was injured in an accident where a railroad spike went through his head.  The fact that he survived was surprising enough, but his behavioral changes after the accident have made him a… Read More »

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Parts Manufacturer Issues Recall Of Steering Gears Installed In More Than 100,000 Trucks

By The Stanley Law Group |

Safety recall notices for car parts may seem like just another piece of junk mail, but you should take them seriously.  Cars have been getting progressively safer for the past few decades, due to the invention of ever safer car parts, from the seatbelt to the airbag to the rear-facing camera.  Another reason why… Read More »

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South Carolina Legislature Introduces Bill Requiring Drunk Drivers To Pay Child Support To The Children Of DUI Crash Victims

By The Stanley Law Group |

One of the first things you find out when you research personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits is that these cases go through the civil courts, which are completely separate from the criminal courts; whether the at-fault driver who injured you faced criminal charges or went to jail does not determine the outcome of… Read More »

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Man Receives 18-Year Prison Sentence For Causing Fatal Drugged Driving Collision In Spartanburg County

By The Stanley Law Group |

Clonazepam, also known by its brand name Klonopin, belongs to a category of drugs called benzodiazepines.  Its approved medical uses include the treatment of seizures, panic disorder, and clinical anxiety.  Even if Klonopin has been prescribed to you, it is not safe to take the drug before driving, because its side effects include drowsiness… Read More »

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How To Help An Injured Person At The Scene Of A Car Accident

By The Stanley Law Group |

It is easy to panic and not to think clearly in the immediate aftermath, but sometimes the opposite can happen, and people can show a better than usual ability to stay calm and to think of solutions to immediate problems.  In The Perennial Philosophy, Aldous Huxley describes an incident on a British military aircraft… Read More »

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Your Personal Injury Lawyer Can Handle The Truth, Even If It Is Possible For The Defendant To Use It Against You

By The Stanley Law Group |

Anyone who is old enough to remember that you used to have to read the headlines of the tabloid magazines in the supermarket checkout line to find out largely implausible gossip about your favorite celebrities can tell you the Internet’s obsession with airing everyone’s dirty laundry 24 hours a day is making everyone miserable. … Read More »

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