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Monthly Archives: February 2022


South Carolina Court Awards $10 Million To Family Of Woman Whose Doctor Missed Opportunity To Diagnose Cancer

By The Stanley Law Group |

One of the scariest things a doctor can tell you is that they need to do more tests to diagnose or rule out cancer.  It is a great relief when the test results come back and the doctor is sure that the tumor is benign, the image on an ultrasound or X-ray is not… Read More »

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Limousine Driver Faces Felony Charges After Causing Fatal Crash While Relying On Tesla Autopilot

By The Stanley Law Group |

Driver assist technologies, where cars rely on sensors to alert drivers to nearby hazards, and autonomous vehicle technologies, where cars can even brake on their own, are becoming increasingly prevalent in passenger cars.  Cars that can use sensors or artificial intelligence to help drivers avoid collisions were once the stuff of science fiction, but… Read More »

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Are Harley Davidson Trikes More Likely To Cause Accidents Than Other Motorcycles?

By The Stanley Law Group |

Myrtle Beach Bike week is coming soon, and hopeful first-time attendees across the nation are trying to convince their families that motorcycles are safe.  If the fact that you have been riding a motorcycle for years is not evidence enough for your skeptical relatives, you can always tell them that the warm, sunny weather… Read More »

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18-Year-Old Truck Drivers Will Soon Be Allowed To Drive Semi Trucks Across State Lines

By The Stanley Law Group |

The COVID-19 pandemic has been going on for so long that some of the practices people have adopted to cope with it have become normal aspects of our lives.  We have become accustomed to wearing masks in crowded indoor areas and washing our hands for as long as it takes to sing “Happy Birthday”… Read More »

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Court Orders Cracker Barrel To Pay Damages To Injured Customer After Wait Staff Served Him Cleaning Chemicals In A Water Glass

By The Stanley Law Group |

Customers who get injured at restaurants and other places of business have the right to seek damages in premises liability lawsuits if they have evidence that the accident was preventable and that stricter policies at the place of business or better enforcement of its existing policies would have prevented the accident.  Some premises liability… Read More »

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South Carolina City Gets Grant To Increase DUI Prevention Efforts

By The Stanley Law Group |

It is no secret that South Carolina has a drunk driving problem.  For decades, it has ranked in the top ten states by number of DUI arrests and accidents, despite its relatively small population.  The fact that visitors from out of state quickly realize that South Carolina is a lovely place to drink and… Read More »

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Irmo Man Receives Prison Sentence For Causing DUI Crash That Injured Sheriff’s Deputy

By The Stanley Law Group |

The time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s is peak season for drunk driving.  Meanwhile, the pandemic-era annoyances of air travel, such as rapidly fluctuating ticket prices and frequent flight cancellations have led some people who ordinarily rely on planes for their holiday travel to undertake interstate road trips, meaning that there will likely be… Read More »

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What Are Your Rights If You Get Injured While Riding In A Friend’s Car?

By The Stanley Law Group |

People who get injured in car accidents have the right to seek damages from the person who caused the accident, in order to compensate the injured person for their accident-related financial losses.  Most of the hypothetical scenarios you find when researching car accident lawsuits online involve a stranger crashing into your car and you… Read More »

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