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Two Injured When Bud Light Truck Crashes Through Guide Rail On Highway 31


If you know someone who drives a truck, you know how long it took them to get a good enough sense of how soon they needed to apply the brakes to stop in time and learn to maintain the truck’s brakes for a safe trip.  They probably spent months practicing these skills while training as a truck driver before getting a commercial driver’s license to drive an 18-wheeler.  Even if you have never heard a family member or friend’s firsthand account of the complexities of truck brakes, you are surely familiar with the feeling of anxiety in the pit of your stomach when you are driving on the interstate and one or more 18-wheelers are nearby.  We have all seen those news reports of ten-car pile-ups on the highway that resulted when a truck driver was only one second late applying the brakes in heavy traffic.  Did you know, though, that truck accidents are more destructive than car accidents even with areas with light traffic, and even when the truck driver goes out of his way to avoid a crash?  If you have been injured in a traffic accident involving a commercial truck, contact a South Carolina truck accident lawyer.

Truck Drivers Hospitalized After North Myrtle Beach Crash

The accident happened on May 25, 2021 in the late afternoon.  A small white truck belonging to a garage door installation business was traveling southbound on Highway 31 in North Myrtle Beach near Robert Edge Parkway.  The driver of the garage door truck noticed that the truck had a flat tire, and he reduced his speed as he tried to pull over to the shoulder.  A Bud Light truck was behind the garage door truck, and seeing that the smaller truck had slowed down, the driver of the Bud Light truck tried to swerve out of the way to avoid hitting the other truck.  The Bud Light truck clipped the back bumper of the garage door truck before crashing through the guide rail and into the woods beside the road.

The driver of the Bud Light truck was transported to the trauma center at Grand Strand Regional Medical Center.  The driver of the garage door truck was also taken to a hospital for treatment.  Local authorities closed all the southbound lanes of Highway 31 for several hours so that a wrecker could remove the Bud light truck.  They also placed cones to alert drivers of where a guide rail should be in the areas where the guide rail was broken.  News reports have not mentioned any lawsuits filed in connection to this accident, but if any such lawsuits arise, the defendants will likely be the companies that own the trucks.

Contact an Attorney for Help

A Columbia car accident lawyer can help you if you were injured in a truck accident, no matter how much or how little traffic was on the road at the time of the collision.  Contact The Stanley Law Group for more information.



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