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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Car Accident > Causes of Car Accidents

Causes of Car Accidents


There are many potential causes of car accidents.  Consider those below to be prepared.

Driver Errors

There are many types of driver errors that can cause an accident.  For instance, a common but dangerous habit behind the wheel is speeding.  Speeding can be responsible for many severe accidents because, obviously, the accidents will inherently take place at a high rate of speed.  It’s true as well that a driver may not be above the speed limit but still may be driving too fast for conditions, another type of “speeding” that can cause accidents.  Drivers also must leave enough space between their own car and the car in front of them in order to stop safely if the car in front of them brakes suddenly.  Failure to do so can cause rear-end collisions, which can be more severe than your average fender-bender.

Drivers can drive aggressively as well, possibly succumbing to road rage or just plain old being irresponsible.  This behavior is dangerous as well.  Finally, drivers may be too tired to be on the road but may drive anyway.  This is especially common for truck accidents but can affect ordinary drivers as well.  Driving while fatigued can lower one’s reaction time and make it harder to notice road hazards and other elements on the road.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is one of the most dangerous forms of irresponsible motor vehicle operation and can cause deadly accidents.  Consuming alcohol can cause reduced reaction time and alertness as well as impaired vision and cognitive abilities.  It is important to never drive while intoxicated; take a cab, walk, or find some other alternative form of transportation.

Distracted Driving

Another cause of car accidents rising in commonality is distracted driving, wherein a driver’s attention is not completely focused on the road.  Drivers who are distracted may be eating, fiddling with settings in the vehicle, or, more commonly, may be using a cell phone or other electronic device.  Always avoid distracted driving and consider putting your phone on “do not disturb” mode while driving.

Automobile Defects

If a car contains a defective component that causes a crash, you may have a case against the seller or manufacturer of the vehicle or against others in the chain of distribution.  An attorney can assist you in determining whether your car has any automobile defects and if so, whether you can hold another person liable for them.

Road Hazards

There are several other reasons a car crash may occur, including unsafe roads.  A road hazard may include something like construction or poor paving, and can be responsible for automobile crashes.  These issues are another reason having your full attention on the road is important. 

You Need an Attorney

Car accident cases can be more complicated than they first appear.  You need an experienced attorney by your side in order to protect your rights and interests and to acquire the compensation you deserve.  You can find an experienced Columbia car accident attorney at The Stanley Law Group.  Call 803-799-4700 and set up a consultation today.




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