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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Personal Injury > What-Ifs: Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Personal Injury Case

What-Ifs: Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Personal Injury Case


There are lots of opportunities to settle your case or bring it to trial before a judge on your own.  But the best-case scenario is that you have an experienced personal injury attorney at your side.  Consider these what-ifs and your options for representation.

What If: You’re Partially at Fault

Just like in a fender-bender, it may be clear who is at fault for the accident.  However, if things are not so clear-cut, you may need an attorney to establish that the other party was at fault and that they and their insurance company should compensate you for your injuries and property damage.  Further, if fault is not clearly established, you could be facing allegations that you were at fault.  South Carolina law allows your damages to be reduced if it’s found that you were at fault or partially at fault for the accident.  For instance, if you are found to be 10% at fault and you were awarded $100,000, your compensation will be reduced by that percentage.  These provisions are complicated, and you’re taking your claim into your own hands without the help of a qualified attorney.  Consider hiring a lawyer to bring your claim to court for you, to avoid falling into common pitfalls of navigating a personal injury claim on your own. 

What If: You’re Thinking of Different Ways To Settle Your Litigation

There are many opportunities to settle your litigation in ways other than in trial.  You could reach a settlement, or you could reach a conclusion through what’s called alternative dispute resolution methods: mediation and arbitration.  These alternative dispute resolution systems offer alternative ways for you to settle your dispute.  You may wish to take advantage of these methods because they save money, time, and stress, and you may be interested in a third-party-motivated solution.  There are many reasons that these options may be right for you.  Only an attorney can advise you when and how to employ these different methods.

What If: Laws Were Broken?

A qualified attorney will be able to tell you if laws were broken in your personal injury case.  That’s a big deal; you need someone on your side to evaluate whether the other side breached any duties (negligence) or broke any laws (may also be negligence) in dealing with you.  The law can be complicated and complex, and only an attorney can assist you in determining whether any laws were broken- by the other party or even by you.

What If: I Need Some Good Old-Fashioned Person-to-Person Help?

Many firms will take on your personal injury case.  This is a good thing; you have options.  But you need someone with experience to take on your case.  Only an Columbia personal injury attorney with experience can assist you in setting up your claim for success and in getting you the compensation you want and deserve.  You can contact an attorney with experience at The Stanley Law Group.  Call 803-799-4700 and set up a consultation today.




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