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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Car Accident > Man Pleads Guilty To Causing Fatal DUI Crash

Man Pleads Guilty To Causing Fatal DUI Crash


For most of us, the time before the COVID-19 pandemic seems like ancient history.  In those distant times, adults would routinely tell kids to put down their devices and study, but today, screen time remains a major part of education even though classes meet in person.  The pandemic made us break our habit of eating restaurants, so we stayed home and improved our cooking skills at the expense of our cooking skills; today, we are still in the habit of eating at home, but only because we are flat broke and cannot be bothered to socialize.  For the family and friends of two young women killed in a car accident in February 2020, however, every moment in the past three years has felt like an eternity.  The driver who caused the accident has pleaded guilty to the charges filed against him by the state, but this is of little consolation to the loved ones of the victims.  If you lost someone close to you because of an alcohol-related car accident, contact a Columbia car accident lawyer.

Victims’ Families Can Get Justice After a DUI Accident, Whether or Not the Drunk Driver Gets Criminal Penalties

In February 2020, four members of the USC Union women’s softball team were on their way home.  Devyn Royce was driving, and Mia Stokes, Mallory Stokes, and Grace Revels were passengers.  Mia Stokes and Mallory Stokes were twin sisters.  As Royce drove around a curve, a 2012 Ford approached at high speed, and on such a narrow road, Royce had no room to avoid a collision.  Mia Stokes, 20, and Grace Revels, 18, died of injuries they sustained in the accident, but Mallory Stokes and Devyn Royce survived their injuries.

Yuriy Karpik, the driver of the Ford, was 23 years old at the time of the fatal collision; he also suffered serious injuries in the accident, arriving at his first court appearance in a wheelchair.  His blood alcohol content was 0.15, which is nearly twice the legal limit, and he was traveling at least 93 miles per hour when he hit Royce’s car.  He was charged with DUI resulting in death and other drunk driving-related crimes.  His trial was delayed several times, but in 2023 he pleaded guilty, having been in jail since the collision.  He will spend at least 14 years in prison.

The Rights of the Families of DUI Accident Victims

Surviving family members of people killed in preventable accidents have the right to seek damages by filing wrongful death lawsuits.  The parties who are legally responsible for the accident vary according to the circumstances of the accident.  The at fault driver is not the only possible defendant.

Let Us Help You Today

The car accident lawyers at the Stanley Law Group can help you recover damages if you are a surviving family member of someone who was killed by a drunk driver.  Contact The Stanley Law Group in Columbia, South Carolina or call (803)799-4700 for a free initial consultation.




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