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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Car Accident > Grammy-Winning Songwriter Killed in Head-On Crash in York County

Grammy-Winning Songwriter Killed in Head-On Crash in York County


A fiery, head-on crash occurred Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019 in York County.  One of the two individuals killed in the crash was famed Lashawn Daniels of Waxhaw, a Grammy-winning songwriter.  Daniels died when his van collided head-on with a pickup truck driven by Jackie Moss Jr. of Kings Mountain.  Moss was also killed in the crash, which occurred around 5:30pm on Highway 5 near the Catawba River.

Reports indicate that both the van and the truck caught fire after colliding and that both drivers died at the scene of the accident.  After the accident, both the van and the pickup truck with a trailer attached could still be seen at the scene.  Troopers stated that the Ford pickup truck was traveling west on Highway 5 when it crossed the center line and hit the Ford van and a Jeep SUV that were traveling east.  The driver of the SUV was airlifted to a hospital, and a passenger was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Daniels, 41, helped write several hits for artists like Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, and Michael Jackson, according to his publicist, JoJo Pada.  His wife April Daniels also released a statement posted on social media the following Wednesday:

“It is with deep sorrow and profound sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved husband, father, family member and friend, Lashawn Daniels who was the victim of a fatal car accident in South Carolina,” her statement read. “A Grammy-award winning producer and songwriter, Daniels was a man of extraordinary faith and a pillar in our family.”

Daniels won a Grammy in 2001 for best R&B song as one of the writers on the hit single “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child.

Head-On Collisions

When cars collide, even at a low rate of speed, the forces at play can be astronomical.  Imagine sideswiping another car, both going 35 miles per hour.  Those forces aren’t so strong.  But imagine those same two cars, traveling at the same rate of speed, directly towards one another.  The force in that collision will be strong enough to do some major damage, to the vehicles and even to the people inside them.

Common injuries in head-on collisions tend to be more severe than those in other types of auto accidents.  Head-on collisions can result in nerve and soft tissue damage, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, etc.

With regards to assigning fault, South Carolina uses a “fault” rule.  This means that the person responsible for the accident will be the person who pays for it, either through his or her insurance company or out of his or her own pocket.  The inquiry doesn’t end there, though.  You could be partially at fault, which would reduce the amount you would receive in a claim by your proportion of fault.  For instance, if a jury found in your favor but also found that you were 10% at fault for the accident, your award would be reduced by 10%.  An experienced attorney can assist you in understanding this principle.

Where Can I Find an Attorney for My Auto Accident?

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