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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Personal Injury > Freeway Pileup: How To Determine Fault

Freeway Pileup: How To Determine Fault


In 2018, there were over 17,000 multiple-vehicle accidents that led to fatalities. While all car accidents can be severe, those involving multiple car pile-ups tend to cause more catastrophic injuries and death. There is a challenge in determining fault in these large multiple car accidents as the fault can be easily placed on more than one driver. If you were involved in any kind of highway or freeway pileup, make sure you understand your legal rights.

Determining Fault in Freeway Pileup Collisions The fault-finding process is deeply complex, with many legal challenges. Although the primary driver may have original fault for the start of the collision, it is highly probable that the behavior or negligence of other drivers will make the interstate pileup far worse. Driving too close to other cars, texting and driving, driving when distracted or driving dangerously can all be explanations of how subsequent drivers may also be at fault for their part of the accident. The following are the actions required to prove liability in a highway pileup.

Types of Questions Regarding the Determination of Fault

Police, insurance companies and knowledgeable lawyers will all ask questions about the freeway pileup to assess fault and determine liability. Some of the questions may include the following:

  • Were there poor weather conditions at the time of the freeway pileup?
  • Did the roadways have debris or potholes? (Liability may rest with a city or state government if the roads were to blame.)
  • Did the accident happen as a result of a construction zone? (This may also be a case where liability may rest with a city or state government.)
  • Were there any rear-end accidents?
  • Where were the skid marks on the roadways?
  • Did the police issue any tickets for negligent or reckless driving?
  • Did the police issue any tickets for infractions of traffic laws?
  • Was the original cause of the accident due to a stop sign or traffic light?
  • Is there any video footage of the accident?
  • What was the damage to each individual vehicle?
  • What were the physical and emotional injuries to each victim involved in the accident?

This list is not exhaustive, however, it may help you understand that there are complexities and challenges to a freeway pileup accident involving the determination of liability that are very different than a two-person passenger vehicle.

Reach Out to Us Today for Help

If you make the decision to hire an experienced attorney, they can initiate an impartial investigation into the accident. Oftentimes expert witnesses are needed to help determine the forensics and perform accident reconstruction analysis regarding the multiple car pileup. If you were involved in a highway pileup, and suffered injuries, contact a Columbia personal injury attorney at The Stanley Law Group at 803-799-4700 to help you conduct an independent investigation, negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, build a strong case and help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses.





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