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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Product Liability > Patients File Class Action Lawsuit After Experiencing Dangerous Side Effects From Popular Weight Loss Drug

Patients File Class Action Lawsuit After Experiencing Dangerous Side Effects From Popular Weight Loss Drug


The health risks of obesity and type II diabetes are well known.  South Carolina and other states with underfunded health systems tend to experience a vicious cycle where lack of access to affordable treatment causes patients to avoid going to the doctor until chronic illnesses like type II diabetes have progressed so far that they require costly treatment.  Sure, the Ivy League snobs of the Northeast and the beach bunnies and gym rats of L.A. can tell you that all you need to do is live a healthy lifestyle, but in South Carolina, everyone who is not already too sick to work has two jobs and no public transportation.  There is no time for cooking from scratch and no money for meal kits.  Your two jobs, if not three, have to support not only you, but all of the children, seniors, and less healthy peers in your life.  Let the rich people laugh at pictures of your ample posterior on the People of Walmart website; Walmart is the only supermarket around, and you don’t have any money to buy pants that fit better.  In a situation like this, a weight loss drug that you can get from the doctor seems like a dream come true; finally an affordable solution to obesity, type II diabetes, and all of their complications.  Unfortunately, Ozempic, the weight loss wonder drug, has caused scary side effects in enough patients that a class action lawsuit is now brewing.  If you have suffered severe side effects after taking Ozempic, contact a Columbia product liability lawyer.

The Dark Side of Ozempic

Semaglutide, sold under the brand names Ozempic and Wegovy, is available by prescription to help people with type II diabetes control their blood sugar; one of its advantages is that you do not have to take it multiple times per day.  Since patients who take it seem to lose weight easily, doctors also began prescribing Ozempic for patients with prediabetes and a body mass index (BMI) in the obese range.  It has helped these patients lose weight and avoid progressing to diabetes, too.

Mild to moderate digestive upset, such as nausea and constipation, is a common side effect of Ozempic.  Some patients have experienced more severe complications, though.  Some have experienced gastroparesis or ileus, which are paralysis of the stomach and small intestine, respectively.  Patients with these conditions experience persistent nausea and vomiting, and these conditions are difficult to treat.  Furthermore, some patients have experienced mental health disturbances, such as severe depression and thoughts of self-harm, after taking Ozempic.  At least five patients died after Ozempic worsened their underlying mental health conditions.  If you are in worse health than you were when you started taking Ozempic, talk to a lawyer about possible legal remedies.

Let Us Help You Today

The product liability lawyers at the Stanley Law Group can help you if you have suffered a serious adverse effect after taking semaglutide drugs.  Contact The Stanley Law Group in Columbia, South Carolina or call (803)799-4700 for a free initial consultation.



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