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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Florence Premises Liability Lawyer

Florence Premises Liability Lawyer

Accidents are a common threat that affects individuals of all ages, but you might be surprised to learn that slip and fall incidents cause more fatalities every year than motor vehicle collisions. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are almost 42,000 unintentional fall deaths annually, amounting to almost 21 percent of all accidental fatalities. Plus, many other individuals suffer injuries in incidents that occur because of dangerous conditions on property. Under South Carolina premises liability laws, you may be eligible to recover compensation from a negligent property owner.

Because the legal process is complicated, it is essential to retain experienced representation to guide you. At the Stanley Law Group, our team is dedicated to helping injured victims get their lives back after a horrific accident. Please contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a Florence premises liability lawyer. Some background information is also useful.

Slip and Fall Liability in South Carolina

Cases involving premises liability, slip and falls, and inadequate security are based upon the theory of negligence. Property owners have a legal duty to maintain their spaces in reasonably safe condition and protect against hazards that could cause serious accidents. The failure to comply with this duty could give rise to a claim under premises liability laws. A property owner, business, homeowner, or other party may be negligent by:

  • Failing to clean up spills, debris, inventory, equipment, and other items that can cause slip and falls;
  • Not making repairs to broken staircases, railings, and balconies;
  • Failure to implement appropriate security measures, including surveillance cameras, auto-locking doors, locks on windows and doors, and a keycard entry system, as well as hiring a security guard;
  • Neglecting to fix loose tiles, carpet, rugs, matts, and other flooring;
  • Not implementing proper sanitation policies, which can lead to food poisoning;
  • Failing to install proper lighting in halls, aisles, entries and exits, parking lots, exterior spaces, and other common areas.

Monetary Damages for Premises Liability Claims

Property owners and others in control over property typically carry liability insurance to cover slip and fall accident losses, so the legal remedy for victims is filing a claim. Insurers are willing to settle some of these cases, but you will have to sue in court if the company will not pay a fair amount.

Our Florence premises liability lawyers at the Stanley Law Group are ready to negotiate settlement, but we will file a lawsuit as necessary to protect your rights. We will seek amounts for:

  • Medical costs, including surgery, hospitalization, and emergency care;
  • Lost wages;
  • Pain and suffering; and,
  • Emotional distress.

A Florence Premises Liability Lawyer Will Advise You on Options

This overview about the laws on premises liability, slip and falls, and negligent security is helpful for explaining the basics. However, you will need skilled representation for a real-life case. For more information on how our team serves victims and their families, please contact the Stanley Law Group. We can set up a no-cost case evaluation with a South Carolina slip and fall lawyer who can advise you on specifics.

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