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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Walterboro Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Walterboro Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Cycling accidents can have devastating consequences for victims. When a reckless driver strikes a bicyclist, the injuries are often catastrophic. Too frequently, police reports place undue blame on cyclists rather than the negligent driver. This bias makes it crucial for injured cyclists to secure legal representation swiftly.

At The Stanley Law Group, our Walterboro bicycle accident lawyer understands the challenges you face. We will thoroughly investigate the incident, gathering evidence to establish the driver’s negligence. Our bicycle accident attorneys will tenaciously pursue the maximum compensation you deserve for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages. While no amount can undo the trauma, we will fight to ensure you have the resources to rebuild your life. When motorists cause harm through carelessness on the roads, we advocate relentlessly for the rights of injured cyclists.

Common Injuries in Bicycle Accidents

Cyclists are extremely vulnerable when struck by multi-ton vehicles. With little protection beyond a helmet, their bodies absorb the full force of impact. Severe injuries are devastatingly common.

Head trauma poses an ever-present risk for cyclists involved in collisions. Traumatic brain injuries can cause cognitive impairment, memory issues, personality changes, and physical disabilities. Skull fractures and brain hemorrhages may also occur.

Broken bones are another frequent outcome, with fractures to arms, legs, the collarbone, ribs, pelvis, and other areas often requiring surgery and extensive rehabilitation. Some breaks may impair mobility long-term.

Spinal cord injuries rank among the most catastrophic results of cycling crashes. Full or partial paralysis can strip victims of independence and bodily functions. Lacerations, road rash, whiplash, and internal injuries further compound the extensive damages.

No matter the specific injuries, the consequences profoundly disrupt lives. Retaining a bicycle accident lawyer in Walterboro helps ensure maximum compensation to cover the immense medical costs, lost income, and other losses.

What Causes Bicycle Accidents in Walterboro?

Bicycle crashes often stem from driver negligence and failure to properly share the road. Some of the most frequent causes include:

  • Drivers making right turns across a bike lane or shoulder, cutting off a cyclist’s right-of-way – known as a “right hook” collision.
  • Left-hand turns where the driver misjudges a cyclist’s speed and distance, turning into their path.
  • Rear-end collisions when a distracted, impaired, or inattentive motorist fails to see a cyclist up ahead and doesn’t slow down.
  • Intentionally aggressive driving behavior like honking, throwing objects, or veering too close in an attempt to harass or intimidate cyclists.
  • Pulling out from side streets, driveways, or parking lots into a cyclist’s path without yielding.
  • “Dooring” incidents occur when a driver or passenger abruptly opens a car door into a bike lane, causing the cyclist to strike it or swerve into traffic.

Sadly, many motorists simply fail to keep a proper lookout and drive carefully around vulnerable cyclists, leading to preventable wrecks.

Get in Touch With The Stanley Law Group

Don’t let a negligent driver escape responsibility for the injuries and losses you’ve suffered as a cyclist. The Stanley Law Group’s Walterboro bicycle accident lawyer will tenaciously pursue the maximum compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation by calling 803-799-4700.

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