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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Summerville Slip & Fall Lawyer

Summerville Slip & Fall Lawyer

Whether you are at a retail store, inside a restaurant, or walking in a public park or on a public sidewalk, nobody anticipates getting hurt in a slip, trip, or fall accident. Yet slips and falls, or trips and falls, happen in many different places and actually happen quite frequently. Although many slip and fall accidents only result in minor injuries from which a person can recover quickly and without any medical intervention, many slip, trip, and fall accidents can be debilitating and require extensive medical care. If you or someone you love sustained serious injuries, it is important to find out about how to seek compensation, including health care coverage, payment for lost wages, and more. Contact our experienced Summerville slip & fall lawyer today.

Common Causes for Slip & Fall Accidents in Summerville

What causes slip and fall accidents in Summerville? Common causes of slips, trips, and falls include but are not limited to the following:

  • Liquid spills on floors;
  • Recently cleaned or slick flooring without appropriate safety warnings;
  • Tripping hazards in walkways;
  • Broken or damaged flooring;
  • Torn or bunched carpeting;
  • Stairways without handrails or with broken handrails; and
  • Missing or ineffective lighting in areas where slips, trips, and falls may occur.

Summerville Slip & Fall Accident Liability

Slip and fall accident claims in Summerville are a type of premises liability lawsuit. What is premises liability law? In short, premises liability law says that a property owner or occupier owes a certain duty of care to people on their premises. That duty of care requires certain property owners to keep the premises safe for people on the property by taking steps to identify and clean up liquid spills, or replace torn carpeting or flooring, or remedy damaged walkways or broken lightbulbs that illuminate outdoor pathways. Yet it is essential to know that South Carolina law really only requires this duty of care for people classified as “invitees,” which essentially means they are business customers. Accordingly, the following types of property owners are likely to owe this duty of care — and to be liable for injuries — to customers who get hurt in a slip and fall accident because of hazardous conditions on the property:

  • Restaurant owners;
  • Retail store owners;
  • Mall owners; and
  • Other business owners where the person who slipped and fell was on the property as a customer or potential customer.

There are some exceptions to know about. For example, a property owner who intentionally causes harm on their premises may be liable. And, more significantly, if a property owner has an “attractive nuisance” on their property — such as a swimming pool or a trampoline — they can be liable for injuries incurred by a child trespasser who slips and falls on the property due to use of or engagement with the attractive nuisance.

Contact The Stanley Law Group Today

When a slip and fall accident occurs, one of your first steps should be to determine whether you can file a claim for financial compensation. An attorney can assess your case for you today to help you understand your options. Contact our experienced Summerville slip & fall lawyer to learn more.

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