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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Truck Accidents > Stanley Law Group Wins Settlement For Family Of Truck Accident Victim

Stanley Law Group Wins Settlement For Family Of Truck Accident Victim


When a family member dies an untimely death, money is the farthest thing from your mind.  It is not possible to put a price tag on the companionship and emotional support of your mother, sister, wife, or other close relative.  Wrongful death lawsuits cannot bring back family members who are gone too soon, so in some respects, no amount of money that the court could award you would be enough.  They can, however, help ease the financial stress of a family that has one member too few.  Economic damages in wrongful death lawsuits function similarly to how they do in personal injury lawsuits, except that the surviving relatives are the beneficiaries of the money that the victim would have been able to earn if not for the accident caused by the defendant’s negligence.  To find out more about seeking damages after an accident caused by a commercial truck, contact a Columbia truck accident lawyer.

Mother of Four Dies in Preventable Accident

In a recent case, the Stanley Law Group represented the family of a woman killed in a collision caused by a commercial truck.  The victim was a military veteran and the mother of four children.  When she was driving home from the birthday party of a family member, a commercial truck struck her vehicle head on.

Accidents involving commercial trucks are often disastrous for the occupants of the smaller vehicles with which the truck collides.  Meanwhile, head-on collisions are among the deadliest types of traffic accidents.  The occupants of the front seat of the struck vehicle have a high risk of fatal injury even if they are wearing seatbelts and regardless of the size and speed of the vehicles involved.  Furthermore, head on collisions are almost always the result of egregious error by the driver of the striking vehicle.  In this case, the truck was driving in a westbound lane, but it crossed the center yellow line into an eastbound lane where the victim was driving.

Stanley Law Group Helps Victim’s Family Get Justice

Breon C.M. Walker is an attorney with the Stanley Law Group.  She represented the victim’s family in this wrongful death case.  The family sued the company that owns the truck, since companies are legally responsible for damage caused by their property, including injuries and death.  In 2023, the company reached a settlement with the family and agreed to pay them $4.5 million in damages.

Most wrongful death cases do not go to trial and instead end with the parties agreeing to a settlement.  It is often obvious from the beginning that the defendant’s negligence was the cause of the victim’s death, and the point of disagreement is the amount of compensatory damages to which the victim’s surviving family members are entitled.

Let Us Help You Today

The personal injury lawyers at the Stanley Law Group can help you if you have been injured in a truck accident.  Contact The Stanley Law Group in Columbia, South Carolina or call (803)799-4700 for a free initial consultation.



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