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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Rock Hill Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Rock Hill Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one was hurt while cycling in Rock Hill or anywhere in York County, you need an experienced bicycle accident attorney to protect your rights and get you the full compensation you deserve under South Carolina law. At The Stanley Law Group, our Rock Hill bicycle accident lawyer has successfully represented hundreds of injured cyclists, holding negligent drivers accountable and securing maximum settlements.

South Carolina Has Laws Protecting Cyclists

Bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers of vehicles under South Carolina traffic laws. This means cyclists must obey stop signs and traffic signals, and drivers must yield the right of way when appropriate. Tragically, many drivers fail to respect cyclists’ right to use the roads, put them in harm’s way through aggressive or distracted driving behaviors, and cause serious injury crashes.

Our skilled Rock Hill bicycle accident lawyers will thoroughly investigate your crash, gather evidence of the driver’s negligence, and make sure you get compensation for:

  • Medical expenses for injuries like broken bones, head/brain trauma, road rash, etc
  • Lost wages from missed work during recovery
  • Pain, suffering, and diminished quality of life
  • Damaged bike and gear replacements
  • Other costs related to the bicycle collision

We Make Negligent Drivers Take Responsibility

Whether distracted, drunk, speeding or simply inattentive, drivers who cause wrecks with cyclists must be held fully liable. We compel their insurance companies to pay what is owed, and take them to court if a fair settlement can’t be reached. Our stellar track record gets results that make a meaningful difference for injured cyclists and their families.

Rock Hill is making strides to improve cycling infrastructure with new bike lanes, trails and other facilities that separate bike and auto traffic. However, negligent motorists still pose major risks when cutting across bike lanes, turning without checking for cyclists, or “dooring” a passing bike rider.

Stay Safe By Knowing Your Cyclists’ Rights

While bicycling can be a joy for recreation, transportation and exercise, it comes with major risks due to distracted and reckless drivers. That’s why we advise all Rock Hill cyclists to:

  • Always wear a helmet, bright/reflective clothing and use lights at night
  • Learn your rights as a cyclist under South Carolina’s vehicle laws
  • Watch for common driver errors that cause bicycle wrecks
  • Report any bicycle accident to authorities and get contact info

If a Reckless Driver Crashed into You on Your Bike, Call Our Rock Hill Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Don’t wait to take legal action after a serious bike wreck. Evidence disappears, and key details fade from memory. More importantly, you have a limited time window to file a claim under South Carolina’s statute of limitations. This means you should consider getting legal help as soon as possible and start your journey to compensation.

Our team will advise you for free on your legal options in a no-obligation consultation, and you pay no fees unless we make a recovery for you. Rock Hill bicycle accident victims put their trust in The Stanley Law Group. Contact our experienced Rock Hill bicycle accident lawyers today!

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