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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Orangeburg Uber Accident Lawyer

Orangeburg Uber Accident Lawyer

Uber is a convenient way to get around Orangeburg. Once upon a time, anyone without a car was left with public transportation or walking as their only options. But with a click of an app, people can today request an Uber to pick them up and deliver them to their destination at an affordable price. We aren’t surprised at how popular the app has grown in the past decade.

If you are injured while riding in an Uber, you might have a legal right to sue for compensation. Winning this type of case is difficult, however, so call The Stanley Law Group today to speak with an Orangeburg Uber accident lawyer at our firm.

Who is Responsible for Your Accident?

Our lawyers have helped many people hurt in Uber accidents:

  • Uber passengers. You were probably seated in the back when your car collided. A key question is fault. Is your Uber driver to blame for speeding, tailgating, or driving while distracted? Or did another motorist hit your Uber? Fault matters when it comes time to make an injury claim.
  • Other motorists. You might have been driving to work or school when an Uber driver crashed into you. You should stop and swap personal/insurance details. This information helps when making a claim for your bodily injuries and car damage.
  • An Uber driver could have clipped you as you walked around town. You should seek compensation for the serious injuries you suffer.

Our firm can help untangle the facts to determine fault. Uber passengers are often unaware of who is to blame. All they know is that they were injured when their car went off the road or overturned. But fault matters for insurance purposes. As an Uber passenger, you might sue your driver for negligence or a different driver, depending on fault. South Carolina has low minimum policy limits–$25,000 in bodily injury liability coverage, to be precise.

Uber drivers have more generous insurance. When they have a passenger in the car, then up to $1 million is available to pay compensation to anyone injured. Conversely, if they don’t have a passenger, less insurance is available for a settlement.

Our legal team can investigate your crash and demand compensation from whoever is to blame. We work with insurance companies to identify which insurance policies apply to a given case. And we negotiate with your well-being at the forefront of our mind.

Call The Stanley Law Group

Uber and other rideshare companies continue to grow in popularity in South Carolina. But these drivers are not always the safest on the road. They can crash into pedestrians and motorists minding their own business. Unfortunately, rideshare companies are not the greatest at weeding out dangerous drivers, so you are taking a risk whenever you get into a vehicle. Please call our law firm today to speak with an Orangeburg Uber accident lawyer. We can discuss how much your claim might be worth and what evidence you will need to make a successful personal injury claim.

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