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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Orangeburg Product Liability Lawyer

Orangeburg Product Liability & Defective Tire Lawyer

Consumers in Orangeburg should be able to trust that any products they purchase are safe for use, and they should never have to fear that a product defect will result in life-altering or fatal injuries. However, almost any type of consumer product can be defective, and injuries can range widely in terms of severity. Auto product defects are relatively common, and defective tires can be particularly hazardous. If you were injured by a product defect, you should learn more about the steps you will need to take in order to file a product liability lawsuit. Contact our experienced Orangeburg product liability & defective tire lawyer for more information.

Learning About Product Liability and Defective Tire Claims in Orangeburg

Product liability law is an area of personal injury law through which injury victims can hold product makers accountable for injuries resulting from defects. Consumers who are injured by product defects may be eligible to file a claim against the designer, manufacturer, or retailer of a defective tire.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), tire-related crashes accounted for 664 traffic deaths in 2020, and many of those fatalities involved motor vehicle collisions with recalled tires due to safety defects. Many different types of tire defects can occur, including defects in the design of the tire or its tread, defects that occur when the tire is being manufactured, or defects that happen when a tire is mounted to a vehicle and sold.

Who is Responsible for a Product Liability Injury Caused by a Defective Tire?

Product liability lawsuits, including tire defect claims, will fall into one of three different categories:

  • Design defect, which means there is something defective about how the tire or one of its parts was designed;

  • Manufacturing defect, which means that a defect occurred in the process of the tire being made; or

  • Marketing defect (also known as a failure to warn), which means that the tire may have been marketed for the incorrect type of vehicle or may have been improperly marketed for conditions under which use of the tire was not safe.

You should seek advice from a product liability lawyer in Orangeburg about who may be liable. In some circumstances, it may be possible to file a product liability lawsuit against more than one party.

Strict Liability in Orangeburg for Defective Tire Injuries

In South Carolina, a product maker or a retailer can be strictly liable for tire defect injuries. To be clear, an injured person does not need to prove that the maker of a tire or a party who sold the defective tire was negligent. Rather, the injured person will only need to show that the product caused injury and that the defendant made or sold the defective item.

Contact The Stanley Law Group Today

When consumer products cause harm to consumers, it is critical for any injured consumer to learn more about filing a claim for financial compensation. When tires are defective, they can cause devastating injuries in motor vehicle collisions. If you or someone you love got hurt because of a product defect, you could be eligible to file a product liability lawsuit. Contact an experienced Orangeburg product liability (defective tire) lawyer at The Stanley Law Group today for assistance with your case.

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