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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Orangeburg Negligent Security Lawyer

Orangeburg Negligent Security Lawyer

Businesses who invite people onto their property have a duty to fix hazards and prevent injuries. In South Carolina, they also have a duty to protect against foreseeable criminal activity. If you were attacked in a hotel, store, apartment, or restaurant, you might have a legal claim against the owner for negligent security. Property owners can’t turn a blind eye to obvious risks. If they do, innocent people who are hurt in an attack might sue them for compensation. Call The Stanley Law Group today to speak with our Orangeburg negligent security lawyer about your case.

Was Security Reasonable?

One misconception is that property owners guarantee that visitors will not be injured. That’s not the legal standard. No business can ever guarantee that crime won’t happen. Instead, the law only requires that owners use reasonable security measures to protect guests and others invited onto property.

The security measures must be reasonable based on the likelihood of crime. One important factor is a history of criminal activity at the property or in the surrounding neighborhood. For example, many people might be mugged in a parking lot. The company that owns the lot is on notice of criminal activity, so they should use reasonable methods to prevent it from happening again. They might need to install additional lights or have guards canvas the area regularly.

The same is true if an apartment complex has many break-ins and assaults. The owner must employ safety measures to keep crime from reoccurring.

A reasonable property owner might take the following steps to protect visitors:

  • Installing locks on doors and windows
  • Repairing broken windows
  • Replacing lights in a stairwell
  • Ensuring sufficient lighting in walkways and parking lots
  • Installing intercoms and buzzers on doors
  • Using security cameras
  • Hiring security guards
  • Responding to complaints about suspicious people on the property

Please contact our firm if you were attacked on a commercial property, such as a bar, night club, shopping mall, parking garage, or parking lot. Even schools and universities should have reasonable security measures in place to protect students. The sooner we can begin gathering evidence, the stronger we can make your claim. You deserve financial compensation for all damages, including medical bills and lost income. Someone who is attacked should also seek compensation for pain, suffering, and emotional distress.

We Can Help Anyone Injured Due to Negligent Security

Inadequate security leads to assaults, rapes, and kidnapping. Property owners should be held accountable for failing to undertake reasonable measures to protect their visitors.

The Stanley Law Group knows the required steps for a premises liability claim based on negligent security. Obtaining compensation is difficult, and most property owners put up a vigorous defense. They will claim they did everything reasonable, or else they might blame you for some mistake which led to an attack. Please contact our law firm to talk with someone about your accident. We offer a free consultation with an Orangeburg negligent security lawyer to go over your memories of the attack and discuss possible compensation.

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