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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Orangeburg Lithium-Ion Battery Lawyer

Orangeburg Lithium-Ion Battery Lawyer

Lithium-ion batteries are a type of rechargeable, highly efficient battery which is increasingly common in consumer goods, like cell phones and laptops. Manufacturers also use these batteries in electric vehicles, which are poised to take over the automobile market. However, these batteries pose dangers to consumers. Lithium-ion batteries make the news when they catch on fire, and they are extremely hard to put out. One battery can burn for days, and it might take thousands of gallons of water to douse the flames.

The Stanley Law Group has an established product liability practice focused on helping people victimized by dangerous products. An Orangeburg Lithium-ion battery lawyer can review whether you were injured by a defective battery and arrive at strategies for receiving compensation. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

Serious Injuries when Batteries Are Defective

Many accidents involve a lithium-ion battery which short circuits, leading to thermal runaway. Consequently, the battery overheats so rapidly that it will burn through whatever product encases it, and many batteries will explode due to the rapidly escalating heat. Consumers can easily suffer terrifying burns if they can’t get away from the battery.

Over the past several years, many media reports have highlighted batteries catching on fire inside airplanes. These are terrifying events. There is no easy way to extinguish a fire with a lithium-ion battery, and a spreading fire would be catastrophic on an aircraft.

Our clients have suffered horrifying injuries, including:

  • Third- and fourth-degree burns. These burns go so deeply that a victim’s bones, nerves, and ligaments are permanently damaged. Patients often need a limb amputated.
  • Fractures and head injuries. A person might jump or run away from a burning product and suffer serious traumatic injuries, like broken bones and concussions.
  • Burns can disfigure a person’s appearance even if they don’t lose a limb. A facial burn is psychologically traumatic.
  • Serious fire accidents lead to fatal injuries for many people, especially when burns cover most of the body.

In addition to bodily injuries, victims often suffer massive property damage. A house could burn down when a lithium-ion battery enters thermal runaway.

You deserve an experienced attorney who can investigate whether you are eligible for compensation. Some batteries are defective in design, and hundreds of people might be injured. We can review whether a product is so unreasonably dangerous that a manufacturer should pay compensation.

Call Us Today to Speak with an Attorney

Lithium-ion batteries are an efficient and cost-effective means of powering consumer goods, and they are on the verge of transforming the auto industry. Nonetheless, these batteries can pose serious dangers to members of the public. Too many defective batteries are pushed onto the market, where unsuspecting consumers purchase them.

If you were injured by a battery—or if a loved one died in a fire—call our law firm. An Orangeburg lithium-ion batteries lawyer at The Stanley Law Group will review whether you can sue a manufacturer or another entity in the supply chain, like a distributor or retailer.

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