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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Orangeburg Hit & Run Accident Lawyer

Orangeburg Hit & Run Accident Lawyer

Like other states, South Carolina requires that motorists stop their vehicles after a collision. It’s the law. Failure to stop can result in criminal penalties, including possibly time in jail. Unfortunately, hundreds of people flee accident scenes each year, which is infuriating. At The Stanley Law Group, we are as outraged as you are by drivers who hit the gas rather than stop and render assistance to injured victims. There is good news: we can help anyone hurt in a hit and run seek compensation for their injuries and car damage. Call us at a convenient time. An Orangeburg hit & run accident lawyer can schedule a time to meet to discuss what you know about your injuries and the vehicle which hit you.

How We Handle Hit & Run Cases

In the typical car accident, both motorists stop and exchange personal information and insurance details. The person who is at fault for the accident will end up needing to pay compensation for:

  • Car damage
  • Medical care
  • Lost income or wages
  • Pain and suffering

Sometimes, fault is disputed, and each driver’s insurance companies argue about responsibility for the crash.

When a motorist flees the scene, however, it’s virtually impossible to make a claim on their insurance policy. You don’t even know their name. For this reason, many victims of hit and run accidents fear they will have to shoulder massive financial losses after a wreck, with little chance of receiving any money.

The Stanley Law Group can help our clients seek compensation in the following ways:

  1. We can provide information about the car that hit you to the police, in the hopes they find the fleeing motorist. If they do, we can submit a claim on that driver’s liability policy.
  2. We can negotiate with your own insurer for compensation. South Carolina requires that your liability insurer offer uninsured motorist coverage, so most drivers have it. This policy should step in whenever you are injured by a driver who lacks insurance. It also covers hit and run collisions. The policy limits should be equal to the limits on your liability coverage.
  3. We can look to other insurance for compensation, such as collision coverage. This is optional insurance in the Palmetto State, but many drivers have it. It will pay for car repairs after a crash, regardless of who is at fault. If you have a car loan, then there’s a good chance your lender requires collision coverage.

Often, we can obtain fair compensation for a hit-and-run accident victim using the above methods. Do not give up hope. Please call our firm as soon as possible so we can discuss these and other options. We can help gather evidence of the driver’s identity and negotiate with your uninsured motorist provider for a fair settlement.

We Are a Phone Call Away

The Stanley Law Group believes that innocent car accident victims deserve compensation. We also are committed to holding hit-and-run drivers responsible for their actions. Contact our firm to find out additional information from an Orangeburg hit & run accident lawyer.

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