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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Orangeburg Forklift Lawyer

Orangeburg Forklift Lawyer

Forklifts are some of the most common motor vehicles on construction sites. Using the fork in the front, these vehicles lift pallets of heavy material and transport them around the jobsite. Forklifts are used in warehouses around the country, including in Orangeburg.

Like all motor vehicles, forklifts pose a safety threat to those working near them. The forklift can strike a worker if an operator is not careful, or material can slide off the lift and land on top of someone. Any type of accident involving a forklift is cause for concern. Please call our Orangeburg forklift lawyer for legal assistance. In a consultation, our lawyer will answer any questions you have and speak about the strength of your legal claim.

Forklift Accidents & Injuries

Often, negligence is to blame for a forklift accident. The person driving the lift is careless, or material was loaded onto the lift in a haphazard and dangerous manner. As a result, someone at the construction site or warehouse ends up getting hit.

Common accidents include:

  • Strike by accidents. Someone walking on the jobsite can get struck by a careless operator, who might be distracted or in a hurry. Common injuries include fractures, back injuries, neck injuries, and concussions.
  • A forklift can fall, particularly near loading docks. A space might exist between the back of a trailer and the warehouse floor, which a forklift can fall through. The operator might suffer a major back injury.
  • A forklift can roll onto its side for various reasons, including uneven loads and sudden turns. When the forklift rolls over, someone standing nearby can be crushed by the vehicle or material falling off the lift. The operator can also suffer serious injuries.
  • Falling loads. The load on the lift can slide off and land on top of anyone nearby. This type of accident can lead to fractures and crush injuries. They might even be fatal, depending on the weight of materials which land on the victim.
  • Injuries involving heavy machinery tend to be serious. A crush injury can result in amputation or a dangerous condition called crush syndrome. Other life-altering injuries include traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord damage. It is no surprise when these accidents lead to permanent disabilities.

Speak with Our Legal Team Today

In South Carolina, injured workers have a right to workers’ compensation insurance benefits, including medical care and income loss benefits. Call The Stanley Law Group. We can advise on how to secure compensation. Workers’ comp is a no-fault system which exists to make getting benefits easy after an on-the-job injury. Often, we need to roll up our sleeves and convince an insurer that you qualify. In some situations, a worker might also sue for an accident, especially one caused by a defective forklift.

Bystanders and pedestrians might also sue for compensation if they were hurt by a forklift near a jobsite. Although they can’t receive workers’ compensation, these people can sue immediately.

Our Orangeburg forklift lawyer is standing by to answer any questions you have in a free consultation.

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