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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Orangeburg E-Cigarette Lawyer

Orangeburg E-Cigarette Lawyer

E-cigarettes have increased in popularity over the past decade, especially with young people. An e-cigarette is made up of a holder, a battery, a heating element, and space for holding liquid. The battery then heats whatever liquid a person uses, which typically contains nicotine. Consumers use the item much like they would an ordinary cigarette. They inhale the aerosol created.

When they first appeared on the market, e-cigarettes promised to be a safer alternative to the typical cigarette and cigar. Users could obtain nicotine, which is an addictive element, in aerosol form and avoid the cancer-causing toxins from tobacco.

Unfortunately, some e-cigarettes are defective, and many consumers have suffered life-changing injuries when a product malfunctions. Some are permanently disfigured or have disabilities which make recovery difficult. Call The Stanley Group to speak with our Orangeburg e-cigarette lawyer about your case. We know the process for seeking financial compensation when a defective product injures you.

Why E-Cigarettes Are Dangerous

Many things can go wrong with an e-cigarette, such as:

  • Battery explosions. E-cigarettes tend to use lithium-ion batteries, which are longer-lasting than other types of batteries. However, there is a risk that the battery could catch on fire or even explode, thus causing serious burns and other injuries.
  • Products with batteries always carry a risk of electrocution. A consumer who is electrocuted could lose their footing and fall, thus sustaining other injuries like concussions or back injuries.
  • Nicotine exposure can also be dangerous. An e-cigarette might have inadequate instructions for how to handle and insert liquid into the cigarette. Some people have suffered acute injuries when they inhale or absorb large amounts of nicotine.
  • Property damage. Lithium-ion batteries are so dangerous they could set a car on fire or even damage your house if they explode while you are inside. This property damage warrants compensation.

If you were hurt, please hold onto your e-cigarette (if it wasn’t completely destroyed). Your lawyer can inspect the product to identify flaws.

South Carolina product liability law empowers consumers to seek compensation when a dangerous product hurts them. Defects in manufacture, design, or labeling cause hundreds of injuries each year. You should obtain compensation from the manufacturer or another entity in the supply chain. The Stanley Law Group believe accident victims should receive the maximum damages available for medical care, pain, lost income, mental anguish, and property damage. However, e-cigarette companies have powerful law firms who fight back aggressively against any claim.

We Have Your Back

Like other products, e-cigarettes are subject to federal regulations. They should be properly manufactured and inspected before shipped to retailers. Unfortunately, dangerous items end up in the stream of commerce all the time. Consumers and bystanders suffer bodily injuries and property damage in an accident.

Call The Stanley Law Group today. Our Orangeburg e-cigarette lawyer can explain the personal injury claims process in greater detail in a confidential meeting. We also can share tips for what evidence to preserve to bulk up your claim and strengthen the odds of a successful financial settlement.

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