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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Orangeburg Bus Accident Lawyer

Orangeburg Bus Accident Lawyer

Bus accidents are mass injury events where dozens of people can suffer serious injuries. Anyone seated on the bus could be thrown around, banging into the windows or seats, or even colliding with other passengers. Motorists in other vehicles can pick up a serious injury when a bus crunches their lighter vehicle.

Contact The Stanley Law Group if you were hurt in a bus accident. We must immediately begin gathering evidence to determine fault for the collision. Compensation for South Carolina accidents is paid out according to who is to blame for the wreck, and the evidence could be conflicting. Call our Orangeburg bus accident lawyer today for a consultation about your case.

Anatomy of a Bus Accident

Many different buses could be involved in a crash, including:

  • School buses
  • Greyhound buses
  • Charter buses
  • City buses

Often, a bus crashes into another vehicle on the road, or the bus slides off the road and crashes into an object, like a house or a telephone pole. Anyone sitting on the bush can suffer a serious injury. Buses do not generally have seatbelts, and passengers might be tossed around and suffer traumatic blows.

Other motorists on the road can be hurt when a bus plows into them. They can suffer a full range of injuries, including amputations, crush injuries, concussions, back injuries, and whiplash.

Our clients often have no idea what happened. They were lost in thought or focused on driving, and in an instant they end up in incredible pain. Our legal team will investigate a bus accident to determine who is at fault.

As a bus passenger, you might sue the bus driver, the bus company, or another motorist who caused a collision. Other motorists usually sue the driver or the bus company.

Call our firm. Critical pieces of evidence include:

  • Witnesses who observed the accident
  • Skid marks on the road or the debris field
  • Any video of the accident
  • Your memories of what happened

Why Bus Accidents Are Complicated

These cases are usually more detailed and complex than a regular collision involving two cars. If a public bus was involved, then obtaining compensation involves first suing the government. In South Carolina, the state and municipalities enjoy broad immunity from personal injury lawsuits. There are exceptions, but you need a lawyer on your team who is familiar with the state’s Tort Claims Act. Bus passengers often don’t know whether their driver or another motorist is at fault. Both parties have an incentive to point the finger at the other.

Speak with Our Law Firm Today

The Stanley Law Group is ready to assist bus accident victims in whatever capacity we can. Often, injured victims call us with questions about their legal rights. We can begin compiling evidence for use in a claim if we are hired, and we can negotiate a settlement with the bus company or a different defendant for your damages, including income loss and pain. Give us a call. An Orangeburg bus accident lawyer is standing by to meet.

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