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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Orangeburg Airbag Lawyer

Orangeburg Airbag Lawyer

Airbags are a critical safety feature in motor vehicles. They provide cushion whenever a car crashes, protecting a person’s head from slamming into the dash or steering wheel. Without airbags, thousands of motorists would suffer devastating brain injuries, some of which could be permanent or fatal.

Unfortunately, a defective airbag can injure innocent motorists. The airbag might fail to deploy, or it could expel dangerous plastics and metals, which cut motorists. Call The Stanley Law Group if you were hurt by an airbag. Many are subject to a manufacturer’s recall, and our Orangeburg airbag lawyer can go over the details of your accident to determine your rights.

Steps to Take after an Airbag Accident

Any car accident is traumatizing. Many people are plunged into immediate pain, and they might need immediate, life-saving surgery. Once stabilized, they have many questions about whether they can afford medical care or if they deserve compensation. Helpful information is often hard to find on the internet.

We recommend that victims take the following steps:

  1. Seek medical care for your injuries. Faulty airbags can lead to concussions, facial injuries, intracranial hemorrhage, whiplash, neck injuries, and cervical fractures. You should get the immediate care you need.
  2. Delay car repairs. Most people need a car to drive, so they immediately take their car to a body shop. However, your lawyer will want to check to see if the airbag is faulty. Please wait to fix your car until you call an attorney.
  3. Continue with medical treatment. Many people need ongoing rehabilitation or doctor’s visits. Do everything recommended by your doctor to show you are committed to healing.
  4. Call an experienced airbag lawyer in Orangeburg. Your lawyer can investigate a crash while you recover at home. Important evidence can disappear. We might work with an expert engineer to look at the airbag. Some defects include problems with the inflator, as well as foreign materials which get expelled when the bag deploys. Remember to share your memories of the wreck.
  5. Refuse to accept any settlement offer. Insurance companies might try to get you to settle a claim when you’re in too much pain to think straight. Wait until you hire a lawyer who can review the proposal.

The Stanley Law Group can swing into action as soon as we are hired. We always keep an eye on all critical deadlines which apply to your case.

Speak with Our Legal Team Today

Accident victims and their families have many questions about their legal rights following a crash. This is particularly true when it appears a safety feature like an airbag does not work properly. Our lawyers can help identify who is at fault for your injuries: Another driver? The airbag manufacturer? The car manufacturer? These are critical questions which need to be answered before you can seek a settlement.

Let us get started helping you today. You can meet with one of our Orangeburg airbag lawyers to discuss possible settlement strategies, as well as how much your claim is worth.

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