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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Moncks Corner Car Accident Whiplash Lawyer

Moncks Corner Car Accident Whiplash Lawyer

Many people believe that only high-speed car crashes cause serious injuries. That myth is partially true. Because speed multiplies the force in a collision between two objects, high-speed wrecks usually cause the most severe injuries. However, even a relatively low-speed collision, like a fender bender, could cause a specific type of head neck injury that, unless properly treated, normally causes paralysis.

The diligent Moncks Corner car accident whiplash lawyer at The Stanley Law Group pays close attention to details in car crash cases. These details include accounting for injuries, such as whiplash, that other lawyers sometimes overlook. We’re committed to your total recovery. Accounting for some injuries in a settlement falls short of that goal. Like you, we do not settle for anything less than the best possible outcome under the circumstances.

Moncks Corner Car Accident Whiplash Lawyers and Car Crash Injuries

Line many other car crash injuries, whiplash is usually a motion-related injury. Violent motion jostles the cervical spine. When these nerves are knocked out of alignment, the pain generally radiates down from the shoulders.

Such referred pain injuries are difficult to diagnose. If a victim says pain begins in the shoulders, most doctors assume the problem must be in the shoulder. Treatments for shoulder pain do nothing to address whiplash. In fact, many treatments, such as opioid pain pills that mask pain, simply make whiplash worse.

Furthermore, whiplash is a soft tissue injury that most diagnostic machines, like X-rays, do not detect. So, when these tests come up negative, most doctors assume the pain is a localized issue, instead of a serious brain injury.

Unless a medical professional properly aligns the nerves, usually during physical therapy but sometimes during surgery, whiplash could cause permanent paralysis.

Whiplash is just one accident-related head injury. Others include mTBIs (moderate traumatic brain injuries), sTBIs (severe traumatic brain injuries), and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

An mTBI is basically a concussion. If the victim had a certain pre-existing condition, namely prior concussions, an mTBI could cause a permanent brain injury that’s normally fatal. sTBIs kill tens of thousands of people every year. PTSD is a specific kind of brain injury related to a stress-induced chemical imbalance in the brain.

Liability Issues

Compensation for whiplash and other car crash injuries is available if a MOncks Corner car accident whiplash lawyer proves negligence, or a lack of care, by a preponderance of the evidence, or more likely than not.

Drivers are negligent if they drive while impaired or aggressively. Common driver impairments include fatigue and substance abuse. Common aggressive driving mistakes include speeding and turning unsafely.

Evidence in a negligence claim usually includes the police accident report, medical bills, and witness statements. Sometimes, this evidence is weak in one area. Witness statements are a good example.

Some witnesses are legally incompetent, perhaps because they didn’t have a good view of the accident or they have a relationship with a party. In these cases, attorneys often use electronic evidence to shore up the proof.

All vehicles have Event Data Recorders. An EDR is an onboard computer that measures and stores steering angle, vehicle speed, and other critical car crash data.

Comparative fault, a doctrine that shifts accident blame from the tortfeasor to the victim, is probably the most common insurance company defense in car crash cases. For example, if the victim was speeding and the tortfeasor was drunk, the court could reduce, or even eliminate the victim’s compensation.

Count on a Thorough Berkeley County Lawyer

Injury victims are entitled to significant compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced Moncks Corner car accident whiplash lawyer, contact The Stanley Law Group. We do not charge upfront legal fees in these matters.

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