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Moncks Corner Car Accident Lawyer

Driver error causes over 98 percent of the car accidents in Moncks County. If that driver error was negligent, or a lack of care, the Moncks Corner car accident lawyer at The Stanley Law Group can obtain substantial compensation in court.

Regardless of what TV commercials imply, insurance companies do whatever it takes to minimize car accident payouts. Usually within a few days of an accident, and often while the victim is still in the hospital, insurance company adjusters make settlement offers to victims. It’s very tempting to take this offer and move on.  However, at such an early stage, no one can tell if the offer is fair.

Most car accidents claims eventually settle out of court, but not on the terms dictated by the insurance company, at least not if the victim has a lawyer. Attorney-negotiated settlements are over three times larger than non-attorney-negotiated settlements. So, victims with lawyers get fair compensation for their injuries. Victims without lawyers get whatever an adjuster is willing to pay for.

Moncks Corner Car Accident Lawyers and Car Crash Injuries

Modern cars and trucks are so large and fast that no safety system, however advanced, can possibly absorb all the force in a high-speed wreck, especially the violent motion in a wreck. As a result, vehicle collisions often cause one or more kinds of head injuries:

  • sTBI: The motion of a wreck often causes a severe Traumatic Brain Injury. This motion causes the brain to violently and repeatedly slam against the insides of the skull. The resulting bleeding and swelling causes permanent brain damage. Dead brain cells do not regenerate.
  • mTBI: Almost any impact, such as a head hitting an airbag, usually causes a moderate traumatic brain injury. By themselves, concussions usually aren’t serious, if the victim gets proper treatment. However, the cumulative effects of concussions causes CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), a degenerative condition that’s usually fatal. A Moncks Corner car accident lawyer can obtain compensation for CTE, even if the accident-related concussion was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.
  • PTSD: Vehicle collisions are the leading non-combat cause of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a specific kind of brain injury. Extreme stress alters the brain’s chemical composition. The amygdala, which controls emotional responses, swells, crowding out the hippocampus (logical responses). The resulting imbalance causes symptoms like anger, flashbacks, and depression.

Head injuries are difficult to diagnose. Initial head injury symptoms usually mirror accident shock symptoms. Therefore, many doctors assume issues like disorientation and neck pain are not medically significant. Furthermore, adrenaline masks pain. So, many victims tell their doctors they “feel fine.”

Diagnosis delays cause treatment difficulties. Advanced head injuries are much harder to treat, both initially and later during physical therapy.

Attorneys connect victims with doctors who focus on injury-related conditions. So, these victims get the treatment they need, when they need it.

Evidence in Car Crash Claims

Evidence in a car wreck claim usually includes the police accident report, witness statements, and medical bills. Sometimes, this basic evidence is insufficient to obtain maximum compensation. Medical bills are a good example.

Many medical bills only include dry, clinical diagnosis and treatment information. They do not include treatment notes that show the victim’s level of pain and suffering.

In these situations, a lawyer often partners with an independent doctor. Such a professional evaluates the medical evidence and delivers a professional opinion to the jury about the victim’s pain level at certain times. Independent doctors also assess the need for future medical expenses. So, the victim is not financially responsible for these costs.

Connect With a Thorough Berkeley County Lawyer

Injury victims are entitled to significant compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced Moncks Corner car accident lawyer, contact The Stanley Law Group. We do not charge upfront legal fees in these matters.

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