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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Lexington Reckless Driving Lawyer

Lexington Reckless Driving Lawyer

Between heavy traffic from local highways and the number of people who travel in our area, car accidents in Lexington pose serious risks. Sadly, they typically happen due to the reckless behavior of other motorists and can cause serious, potentially life-threatening personal injuries. At The Stanley Law Group, our experienced Lexington reckless driving lawyer helps you hold those at fault accountable.

Since 1990, we have provided residents of our community with the caring support and professional legal representation needed to file a claim. To get the maximum amount you need to recover, contact our office and request a consultation today.

Our Lexington Reckless Driving Lawyer Holds At Fault Motorists Accountable

According to statistics from the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, close to 150,000 crashes and collisions happen throughout the state each year. Car accidents in Lexington are particularly common due to our proximity to Columbia and the number of major highways in our area.

Heavy traffic as well as rough road conditions and adverse weather can all make car accidents in Lexington more likely to happen. However, the underlying cause is often reckless driving on the part of other motorists. This includes:

  • Tailgating other motorists;
  • Improper passing;
  • Failing to yield;
  • Running red lights and stop signs;
  • Speeding and racing other motorists;
  • Talking on cell phones and other distractions;
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you are injured due to a reckless driver in Lexington, contact The Stanley Law Group right away. Our Lexington reckless driving lawyer holds them accountable and helps you get the total amount of compensation you need to recover in a claim.

Get Trusted Legal Guidance In Filing A Lexington Reckless Driving Accident Claim

Under the South Carolina Code, you have the legal right to hold other motorists accountable when accidents happen due to their reckless behavior. Unfortunately, this is never easy. Insurers involved often find reasons to deny claims and dispute the amount you are entitled to receive.

At The Stanley Law Group, we have 60 years of combined experience successfully handling these claims. Our Lexington reckless driving accident lawyer provides the trusted legal guidance you need throughout the process. While you focus on yourself and your recovery, we can take the following actions on your behalf;

  • Investigate and gather evidence to prove the other driver is to blame;
  • Obtain medical records, wage statements, and other documents detailing the losses you suffer;
  • Negotiate with insurance representatives to get the best possible settlement;
  • File a reckless driving lawsuit in Lexington to get you the maximum amount you are owed.

Contact Our Office And Request A Consultation With Our Lexington Reckless Driving Accident Lawyer Today

Since 1990, The Stanley Law Group has provided caring support and professional legal representation to people injured due to reckless driving in Lexington. We take the legal actions needed to get you the maximum compensation you need to cover your losses. Call or contact our office online and request a consultation with our Lexington reckless driving lawyer today.

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