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  • $4.5 Million Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $4 Million Lottery Case Dispute
  • $3 Million Commercial Vehicle Accident
  • $1.45 Million Automobile Accident Crash
  • $1.25 Million Semi-Truck Accident Settlement
  • $1 Million Tractor Trailer Accident Case
  • $750k Slip-and-Fall Case
  • $1.87 Million Tractor Trailer Accident Case
  • $1.4 Million Car Accident Settlement
  • $1.315 Million Medical Malpractice
  • $1.05 Million Truck Accident Settlement
  • $1 Million Slip-And-Fall Settlement
  • $1 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement
  • $1.5 Million Car Accident Settlement
  • $1.3 Million Car Accident Settlement
  • $1.025 Million Dump Truck Accident Settlement
  • $1 Million Truck Accident Settlement
  • $850K Truck Accident Recovery
  • $750K Truck Accident Case

Lexington Tire Defect Lawyer

There are numerous threats you face when driving, but it is not just careless motorists that can cause fatal and life-threatening accidents in South Carolina. Defective tires are also a reason behind serious crashes, and some studies estimate that they account for around 35 percent of all vehicle equipment-related collisions. Issues with tires are particularly disturbing because a blowout can come without warning and lead the driver to lose control. The most common accidents include rollovers, wrong-way collisions, rear-ends, and impacts with stationary objects.

Considering the physical, financial, and emotional losses you sustain after an accident caused by defective tires, retaining legal counsel is critical. It is possible to recover compensation for these damages, and The Stanley Law Group will help you navigate remedies. We have been representing victims of defective products since 1990, so please contact our firm to schedule a free case review. A Lexington tire defect lawyer will provide personalized advice, though you may benefit from an overview.

How Product Liability Laws Work

When someone suffers injuries because of a defective product, they have rights under personal injury laws. The specific type of case is products liability, and there are three theories that may allow a victim to recover compensation in a defective tires case:

  1. Strict Liability: The manufacturer can be held accountable for distributing unreasonably dangerous tires if they were the reason you were injured in an accident. You do not need to prove fault by the company.
  2. Negligence: With this theory, you do need to show that the manufacturer breached the legal duty of care by producing a defective product.
  3. Breach of Warranty: Some products are sold with an express or implied warranty that they are safe for their intended use. A manufacturer may be liable for breaching the warranty.

In many product liability cases, including those involving faulty tires, strict liability is the most common strategy. Plaintiffs often find more success when they do not have to show fault by the manufacturer.

Legal Help with Your Defective Tires Case

In a successful product liability claim, it is possible to recover compensation for your medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and many other damages. However, there are numerous legal concepts, statutes, laws, and court procedural rules that apply. Retaining a Lexington, SC tires attorney is critical, so you can trust The Stanley Law Group to:

  • Collect all essential evidence proving that the accident was caused by defective tires;
  • Prepare all forms and supporting documentation for filing a claim;
  • Negotiate with the manufacturer in an attempt to settle; and,
  • File a lawsuit in court if the company refuses to pay fair compensation for your losses.

Set Up a Free Consultation with a Lexington Tire Lawyer Today

Though a summary of the laws is helpful, it is critical to retain skilled legal representation in a real-life claim based upon defective tires. Our team at The Stanley Law Group will handle all essential tasks, so please contact us to set up a no-cost consultation. A Lexington tire defect lawyer can advise you after reviewing your unique circumstances.

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