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  • $1 Million Slip-And-Fall Settlement
  • $1 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement
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Lexington Medical Device Lawyer

The advanced state of medical technology enables manufacturers to develop tools that have altered the landscape of healthcare, providing new treatment options and care strategies that save lives. However, despite regulation by the US Food and Drug Administration, these medical devices can be dangerous. After all, many types of equipment are implanted into a patient via surgery or other procedure. Others are attached or used outside the body for medical purposes, which means they must still function safely. Regardless of the specifics, the implications of a defective medical device can be devastating.

Fortunately, South Carolina laws provide options for injured victims. You may qualify to recover compensation for a faulty medical device, and The Stanley Law Group will pursue all potential parties. Our firm has more than 60 years of experience advising clients in mass tort cases, backed by comprehensive knowledge of the relevant laws. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation with a Lexington medical device lawyer who can provide details, though an overview is also helpful.

Products Liability for Defective Devices

Claims involving flawed medical instruments fall under personal injury laws, specifically products liability. You must prove that the device contained an unreasonably dangerous defect, which was the cause of your injuries. There are three ways a product may be considered defective:

  1. Developers committed an error when designing the medical device, so all products created according to their blueprint are faulty.
  2. There was a mistake when manufacturing the medical device, but it only affects a particular lot.
  3. The manufacturer provided false, misleading, or inaccurate information on the label.

A defective medical device could be any surgical instrument, prosthetic, pacemaker, or implanted technology. You may recognize some of the most high-profile cases, including:

  • Metal poisoning from hip replacements;
  • Damage to organs from transvaginal mesh;
  • Malfunctioning surgical robots;
  • IVC blood clot filters, designed to prevent pulmonary embolism; and,
  • Drug-coated stents, which have been linked to infection and internal bleeding.

Steps in the Legal Process

If you suffered injuries because of a defective medical device, you may qualify to recover compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and many other losses. The Stanley Law Group will aggressively pursue the manufacturer and other potential parties. Our Lexington, SC medical devices lawyers will guide you through all steps in the legal process, including:

  • Investigation and gathering evidence to support your claim;
  • Representing you during settlement discussions to resolve your claim by agreement; and,
  • Litigation, if the manufacturer refuses to pay fair compensation.

Note that many defective medical devices are proceeding as class action lawsuits. Our team is experienced with these cases, so we will protect your interests as a member of the class.

Contact a Lexington Medical Device Lawyer to Learn More About Your Rights

Claims for defective medical equipment are challenging, but The Stanley Law Group is prepared to handle all essential tasks and guide you through the legal process. For additional details, please contact us to set up a no-cost case evaluation with a Lexington medical device lawyer.

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