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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Lexington Estate Administration Lawyer

Lexington Estate Administration Lawyer

The idea of calling an estate planning and estate administration lawyer can be intimidating for many people – thinking about estate planning means thinking about one’s eventual death. While we know that broaching the topic can be unpleasant and downright uncomfortable for many, forming an estate plan is a crucial step in planning for your future. At the office of The Stanley Law Group, our Lexington estate administration lawyers can assist in you creating an estate plan, as well as navigating the probate process and administering an estate after a loved one’s death.

Our Estate Planning and Administration Services 

We provide numerous services related to estate planning and estate administration. These include: 

  • Estate planning. Creating a plan for what will happen to your estate when you can no longer make such decisions is important. Our lawyers can help you to create: 

  • Wills and trusts. Wills and trusts are used to name beneficiaries and spell out your wishes for how you want your property divided after your death. Trusts can also be used to hold assets for beneficiaries in a way that mitigates taxes and avoids the probate process. A will can also be used to name a guardian for any minor children.

  • Advance directives. It can be difficult for family members to have to make tough decisions about palliative, end-of-life, and medical care when an individual cannot express these wishes due to their condition. An advance directive can be used to make your wishes in regards to these things clear.

  • Powers of attorney. Creating a power of attorney allows you to give someone else the legal authority to make healthcare or financial decisions on your behalf.

  • Probate. When a person dies in South Carolina, their estate must pass through probate. This is the process of settling the decedent’s estate. Probate can be time-consuming and confusing, and is best navigated with a lawyer’s assistance.

  • Estate administration. When a person dies, their estate must be dealt with. This includes paying any debts owed to creditors, taking inventory of assets and property, and distributing remaining assets amongst beneficiaries. This is a legal service that our law firm provides.

In addition to the above, we also can help you to dispute or prove the validity of the will or navigate an estate-related dispute. We are also here to assist you if you want to make a change to any existing estate planning documents that already exist. 

Don’t Wait Any Longer to Call a South Carolina Estate Administration Lawyer

Whether it’s time to create an estate plan to ensure that your loved ones are provided for in the event something happens, or if you have recently lost a loved one and, as the personal representative of the estate, are tasked with figuring out the probate process and administration of the estate, we can help. Our lawyers are passionate about providing top-notch legal services, and are ready to sit down with you to discuss your needs today.

To schedule a consultation, please call us directly. You can also contact us by filling out the intake form on our website.

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