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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Georgetown Premises Liability & Slip/Fall Lawyer

Georgetown Premises Liability & Slip/Fall Lawyer

Property owners and managers have a duty to maintain their premises. When they fail to do so, The Stanley Law Group helps you hold them accountable. We provide the trusted guidance and professional legal representation you need in filing a claim. Contact our experienced Georgetown premises liability lawyer today.

Over 60 Years of Experience Helping Representing Clients In Premises Liability Claims

Negligence is a legal term that refers to actions that put others at risk or failure to take reasonable precautions to prevent personal injuries. Under the South Carolina Code, property owners and managers can be held liable when their negligence causes visitors, tenants, or invited guests to suffer personal injuries. There are two common types of premises liability:

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slips and falls can cause broken bones, concussions, strained muscles or tendons, herniated discs, and other serious personal injuries. At The Stanley Law Group, our Georgetown premises liability lawyer holds property owners accountable for failing to provide proper maintenance or warn people of potential risks. Common causes of slip and fall accidents in cases we handle include:

  • Wet floors, due to spills or condensation;
  • Worn carpeting and lose flooring tiles;
  • Lack of handrails on stairs and at heights;
  • Lack of proper lighting;
  • Cluttered aisles and walkways;
  • Failure to provide proper landscaping.

Security Negligence

Property owners, landlords, and managers have a legal duty to maintain the premises. This includes taking precautions to reduce security risks. Security negligence can leave you and your loved ones vulnerable to acts of violence. Our Georgetown security negligence lawyers hold property owners responsible for the following:

  • Failure to properly monitor the property or hire security guards;
  • Failure to properly maintain locks on doors and windows;
  • Failure to provide adequate lighting, which can leave residents vulnerable;
  • Failure to provide fencing, video surveillance cameras, alarms, or other security measures.

We Help You Get Compensation For Your Injuries

When personal injuries in Georgetown happen due to slips and falls or security negligence, The Stanley Law Group can assist you in filing a claim. In many cases, the property owner will have insurance in place to help compensate you for your losses.

While you focus on your recovery, we aggressively negotiate with insurance representatives on your behalf. If insurance is not in place or fails to adequately cover your costs, our Georgetown premises liability lawyer will not hesitate to take legal action against the property owner. The compensation you may be entitled to in a premises liability lawsuit filed through the Georgetown County Court includes:

  • Coverage of all current and future medical expenses;
  • Reimbursement for lost wages and future losses in earnings or benefits;
  • Compensation for your pain, suffering, and any lost enjoyment in life due to the incident or your injuries.

Contact The Stanley Law Group Today

With over 60 years of experience, you can count on The Stanley Law Group to help you hold negligent property owners accountable. To request a consultation, contact our Georgetown premises liability/slip & fall/security negligence lawyer today.

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