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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Georgetown Construction Accident Lawyer

Georgetown Construction Accident Lawyer

Tight deadlines and competitive pricing often force construction companies to cut corners when it comes to worker safety. The Georgetown construction accident lawyers at the Stanley Law Group protect injured workers and their families when construction companies fail or refuse to do so. We work hard to obtain the compensation these victims and families need and deserve, so these victims can quickly return to work. Ultimately, that’s what everyone wants in these cases.

Construction companies have a three-fold legal responsibility to prevent on-the-job injuries. First, they must provide proper safety gear, regardless of its cost. Second, they must train workers in its use. Significantly, this training must be in English, Spanish, or another language the worker easily understands. Third, and on a related note, construction companies must stress the importance of using the protective gear.

Georgetown Construction Accident Lawyers and Types of Accidents

Job injuries normally aren’t “accidents.” Employers coined the phrase “workplace accident” about a hundred years ago to shift lame from their dangerous facilities and onto supposedly careless workers.

Occupational diseases, such as hearing loss and repetitive stress disorders, are all too common at South Carolina construction sites.

Many construction sites are noisy enough to damage hearing, but not noisy enough to trigger mandatory government safety measures, like earplugs. Most employers, like most other people, do the minimum required to get by.

Additionally, many construction workers reach, bend, and stoop almost all day, every day. The knees. Elbows, and other joints cannot withstand such overuse, especially if, as is usually the case, workers don’t get adequate break times.

As for trauma injuries, according to the Occupational Safety and Health administration, the Fatal Four cause almost half of the fatal construction accidents in South Carolina:

  • Electrocutions: A surge of electricity triggers the no-let-go response, which is an involuntary muscle contraction. As a result, many workers are continually exposed to heat that’s more intense than the surface temperature of the sun.
  • Falls: A fall from as little as four stories above ground is normally fatal. Basic safety measures, like protective railings and safety harnesses, could prevent nearly all these injuries. But many employers simply don’t want to spend the money.
  • Caught Between: Unreinforced construction trench collapses may be the most common caught between injuries. If the employer knew that the trench was dangerous and didn’t address the problem, injured workers may be entitled to file civil claims. More on that below.
  • Struck By: At busy construction sites, pedestrians are often struck by heavy construction vehicles, like dump trucks and cement mixers. These large vehicles usually have poor sight lines. Additionally, the workers who operate these vehicles often have little or no experience behind the wheel of a large construction vehicle.

These areas often overlap. For example, electrocutions often cause falls. Arc blast explosions generally throw victims into the air.

Nonsubscriber Claims

A few final words about nonsubscriber claims, which are injury claims against companies who don’t “subscribe” to insurance policies, or who intentionally or recklessly cause injury.

Many companies ignore the mandatory insurance law, don’t buy insurance, and hope they do not get caught. For them, the calculated risk is worthwhile. South Carolina only has a handful of inspectors. On the off chance they uncover a violation, they impose a fine which, in most cases, barely exceeds the amount of money the employer illegally saved.

By design, workers’ compensation only applies to unintentional injuries. These policies exclude intentional or reckless injuries.

When these cases go to court, employers typically cannot use some of the best defense in this area, such as comparative fault. So, it’s easier to prove negligence and obtain maximum compensation.

Count On a Dedicated Georgetown County Lawyer

Injury victims are entitled to substantial compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced Georgetown construction accident lawyer, contact the Stanley Law Group. We do not charge upfront legal fees in these matters.

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