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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Florence Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Florence Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Making the decision to place your loved one in a nursing home is never easy. While there, you hope that they will receive the care and support they need. Learning that your family member has been the victim of nursing home abuse and neglect is devastating. Unfortunately, nursing homes are not always the safe havens they are supposed to be for seniors and other adults who are unable to care for themselves. Below, our Florence nursing home abuse lawyer explains the different types of harm that occurs in these facilities and how your family can move forward.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

When many people think of nursing home abuse, they often think of physical abuse. Sadly, this is just one type of harm nursing home residents face. Other common types of nursing home abuse are as follows:

  • Physical abuse: Hitting, shoving, pinching, and pushing are just a few common types of physical abuse that happens in nursing homes. While this is not the most common form of abuse, it can cause severe injuries and devastation for residents.
  • Emotional abuse: Studies have found that emotional abuse is the most common form of harm in nursing homes. Emotional abuse can involve ridiculing, humiliating, intimidating, and terrorizing residents. Nursing home staff members may also isolate residents and prevent them from taking part in activities or visiting with family.
  • Sexual abuse: No one wants to think about it, but sexual abuse is quite prevalent in nursing homes. Sexual abuse refers to non-consensual sexual contact with a nursing home resident.
  • Financial abuse: Financial abuse can take the form of staff members stealing money or property from residents, or tricking them into signing a power of attorney, will, or trust for the benefit of the staff member.
  • Neglect: Unlike the above forms of abuse, neglect is not intentional. It is a failure to meet the basic needs of a resident. Even though neglect is unintentional, nursing home facilities and staff members can still be held liable for it.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home residents often do not come forward with allegations of abuse. They are often ashamed, feel guilty, or fear retaliation from the facility. Some residents do not have the mental capacity to understand that abuse took place. As such, it is critical for loved ones to know the signs of abuse so they can spot it and stop it from happening. The most common signs of nursing home abuse are as follows:

  • Injuries, particularly if they are sudden and unexplained
  • Stained or soiled clothing
  • Bed sores
  • Sudden and unexplained changes in your loved one’s behavior
  • Reluctance to be left alone with certain staff members
  • Missing belongings
  • Changes in your loved one’s finances

Our Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Florence Can Help During this Difficult Time

Nursing home abuse is heartbreaking, but there is help available. At The Stanley Law Group, our Florence nursing home abuse lawyer can advise on the compensation your loved one is entitled to and help you through the process to obtain it. Call us today at 803-799-4700 or contact us online to request a free consultation and to get the legal help you need.

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