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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Florence Bus Accident Lawyer

Florence Bus Accident Lawyer

Many people rely on public and private transportation services to get to work, run their personal errands, and even make long-distance trips. Studies have shown that buses are a safer alternative than smaller passenger vehicles but still, too many bus accidents happen every year. The aftermath of a bus accident is particularly confusing. You may have a claim against a private company, a public entity, or even a private citizen. Our Florence bus accident lawyer can help you make sense of the aftermath so you obtain the maximum compensation you deserve.

Why are Bus Accidents Different from Other Crashes?

Due to the fact that all auto accidents happen on the roadways, it is natural to assume that a crash involving a bus is no different from other types of accidents. Unfortunately, this is not true. Bus accidents are very unique from other types of collisions on the road for the following reasons:

  • Size: Buses are extremely large and heavy vehicles. For this reason, they cause much more extensive injuries than accidents involving smaller vehicles.
  • Classification of accident victims: Bus accidents can injure a number of different people. Passengers on the bus can become hurt, as can other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.
  • Liability: There are many potentially liable parties after a bus accident. This makes determining who is at fault for the crash much more challenging.
  • Children: Children often take buses to school but these too, can be involved in a crash. When the accident victim is a child, there are special rules that apply to the claims process.

Liable Parties in Bus Accident Claims

Again, there is often more than one liable party in bus accident claims. These include:

  • Negligent bus drivers: Just like other motorists on the road, bus drivers can make a mistake behind the wheel and cause a serious crash. Speeding, distracted driving, and failure to yield are just a few common acts of negligence that can result in a crash.
  • Bus companies: When a bus driver acts negligently and causes an accident, their employer can often be held liable for paying damages. Bus companies are also liable when they engage in negligent hiring, training, or maintenance practices.
  • Government entities: When a government entity owns a public bus or a school bus, you may still be able to hold them liable. It is critical that you work with an attorney in these cases, as there are also separate procedural rules that apply.
  • Other motorists: There are times when another motorist causes a bus accident. For example, another driver may cut a bus off, causing the driver to swerve to avoid them, but hitting another vehicle instead.

Our Bus Accident Lawyer in Florence Can Determine Liability After a Crash

Determining who is liable for an auto accident is never easy, but it becomes even harder when a bus is involved. At The Stanley Law Group, our Florence bus accident lawyer can review the facts of your case and conduct an investigation to determine who is responsible for paying you full damages. Call us today at 803-799-4700 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and to get the legal help you need.

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