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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Columbia Limousine Accident Lawyer

Columbia Limousine Accident Lawyer

Renting a limousine is a rite of passage for many people, especially high school students going to prom or adults who get married. Limousines are popular because they can seat dozens of people with room for entertainment and drinks. People are rarely buckled up, so any accident involving a limousine is potentially a mass injury event.

The Stanley Law Group has ample experience with all sorts of motor vehicle accidents, including limousines. If you were injured in a crash involving one of these vehicles, please call our firm. Our Columbia limousine accident lawyer will meet with you for a consultation.

A Closer Look at Limousine Accidents

If you were injured, the most important legal question is, “Who is at fault?” Once we answer that question, we’ll have an easier time seeking financial compensation.

Most accidents are caused by:

  • Limousine drivers who are drunk, fatigued, careless, or reckless. Your driver could have been speeding or taking a corner much too fast. Other limousine drivers are distracted by cell phones or GPS devices and crash because they aren’t looking at the road.
  • Limousine companies which own the car. They might fail to properly maintain the vehicle, so it is dangerous to drive, or they were negligent when hiring a limousine driver. You can typically sue a limousine company if their driver causes a wreck.
  • Car manufactures for a design or manufacturing defect. Some limousines are deadly as soon as they roll off the assembly line. You might sue the manufacturer when the defect causes a collision.
  • Other motorists who could crash into the limousine, leading to an accident. Your limousine driver might have been very careful. Unfortunately, another motorist cut them off or crashed into them. In these situations, the other driver is at fault.

Following the crash, you should take sensible steps, like you would after any accident:

  1. Call the police to come to the accident scene. Don’t rely on the driver to call. If he’s drunk or fatigued, he might avoid calling.
  2. Use your phone to take photographs of the vehicles. These photos help us establish who caused the accident.
  3. Write down the names of everyone who observed the accident. That includes all other passengers.
  4. Get to the hospital for medical treatment as soon as you can. You’ll begin documenting your injuries and improve your ability to heal.
  5. Reach out to our law firm as soon as possible. We will go over the accident and other important information. You deserve to learn about your rights and obligations.

Call The Stanley Law Group after a Limo Accident

Any accident involving multiple victims is tricky. You deserve to have an attorney representing you in this legal dispute. At The Stanley Law Group, a Columbia limousine accident lawyer will gladly review the facts of your case and offer helpful tips for what to do next. We can also explain how we charge for our services and why there’s no risk to you involved. Contact us today to get started.

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